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  1. MoggyCruiser

    Opening rear doors of FZJ80 when handles are not working

    Opening rear door on FZJ80 when exterior and interior handles are not working. Tools needed for this task: Panel pry tools, though 1” putty knife will suffice 2 feet of 1/4” round rod, available at any home repair store Lower window and wedge a gap between exterior window seal and window. You...
  2. SliderJack

    SOLD  Wanted: FJ40 Pre 75 Door Hardware - Strikers, Latches, Handles

    Hi, I need door hardware for early model FJ40 left and right doors. I need the outside door handles, inside door latches, latch striker plate, even locks if you have them. Thanks in advance. Jack Located in Sevierville TN
  3. eagleeyes170

    Lift gate handle

    Hi everyone. I have replaced my rusty lift gate handle with a new one (part number 69090-60020), and I am waiting for the plastic cover to arrive. I had to remove the plastic trim on the interior of the lift gate, and disassemble the mechanism (the metal posts and such). Now that I have put...
  4. Josh Grewe

    Wanted  Door handle pads and tail light lens gaskets 1976 FJ-55

    Looking to buy decent condition Door Handle Pads/Gasket (or whatever you call em) and Tail Light Gaskets for my 76 pig. Also looking for a working fan for the rear heater.
  5. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale  FJ45LV / 45V Rear Door Handles NOS (Sold Out)

    Are these rear door handles for a 45LV ? Anyway, they are for sale. They weigh about 3-4 Kg. Shipping costs would vary depending on location. They are new with some wax residue on some parts of the handles. Also for sale are these NOS FA100 Door handles, could someone wish to customize their...
  6. johnboy60

    Wanted  some parts for fj28/45

    I`m looking for parts for FJ28 / 45LV for example door handles inside and outside, rear bench seat with bracket, parking light, switch for light, windscreen wiper and heater, ignition lock, windscreen wiper linkage, elephant horn, T-bird emblem.
  7. scrapdaddy

    Door Handle Gear

    Help me out, who did the write up on fixing the wallowed out door gear. I have a couple that needs some love and was wanting to play with a fix. Thinking NicP, but can't remember. Thanks, Ron
  8. thewall151

    Wanted  New FJ60 left door handle

    Looking for a new left FJ60 door handle for my cruiser please.
  9. gmac

    '82 Door Handle Mechanism rubs door panel from inside

    I have a 1982 FJ45 Troopy, and recently replaced both, the door latch mechanism and the door handles. On both sides the door handle mechanism rubs against the door (right where the door handle bolts to the latch mechanism, to the point where the door handle does not go back down on it own (and...
  10. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Soft door handle

    Need 1 oem complete soft door handle. thanks Mike
  11. mmcinnis

    Wanted  Door handle

    Need 1 soft top complete door handle. thanks Mike
  12. Tennessee80

    Wanted  Drivers side front door handle

    As the title says, I need a driver's side front door handle. I don't need the whole assembly, just the handle has cracked beyond belief... Post up or PM me if you have this part. cheers! Joel
  13. jakedwilson

    For Sale  Misc. FJ40 Parts FREE (Salem)

    I have a bunch of random FJ40 parts, some aftermarket and some original. These were removed from a 72. Free to whoever wants them. Please email or text me. Would rather not ship. Thanks, 503-913-1141 Weatherstripping tail light housings body mounts window vent door...
  14. haas

    Wanted  LX450 Exterior Door Handle

    Looking for an exterior driver door handle off an 80 series. Preferably Lexus Cashmere Beige, but willing to consider other colors for the right price.
  15. Peru Darrell

    Door handle from 100 fits FZJ105??

    I have been searching, but in all the wrong places. Does anyone know if the exterior door handles from a 1998 100 will fit a 1998 FZJ105. The ones I have found look very similar or the same on the mechanism and the finish, but I can't find part numbers to compare. It will be a lot easier...
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