disc brake conversion

  1. SoUtahFJ55

    New member, longtime FJ55 owner here

    Hi all longtime owner of a ‘73 FJ55. Bought in ‘94, and it was my daily driver for a couple years, but mostly just collecting dust the past few years. Finally got my Holley carb rebuilt yesterday, fired the old girl up and drove her around the block a couple times. now I’ve got the itch to get...
  2. 74fj40Oregon

    disc brake conversion ?

    I have a 74' fj40 and I am wanting to do a disc conversion. The question I have is would it make more sense to do the conversion on my existing stock front end or swap front ends completely ? I can get my hands on a 1987 fj60 front axle but wasnt sure what was a better idea or cost effective...
  3. U

    64 fj40 disc brake conversion

    Just purchased a 64 fj40 with SBC and power steering already done. But with the plan to run 33's or bigger the brakes also have to be done. Based on my research so far on this site it looks like the best option is to source a complete front axle assembly from a 74-79 fj60 that already has discs...
  4. H

    Disc Brake Swap

    I want to apologize first if this question has specifically been answered on this forum in the past, but I haven't been able to find this exact answer. I have a 1974 FJ40 and looking to upgrade to front disc brakes. Can disc brakes from a 1978 FJ40 be bolted on my 1974, from the knuckles out...
  5. jhyatt1271

    SOLD  New FJ40 Disc Brake Conversion Kit

    I have the front and rear JT Outfitters kits with stainless steel braided hoses for sale. Part #'s TLCFDB870975 & RDBKITTLCE80 $500 shipped.
  6. SullytheViz

    SOLD  New fj40 Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

    I have available a brand new FJ40 front disk brake conversion kit purchased from JT Outfitters. I paid just under $600 shipped. Selling for $500 shipped.
  7. allworknoplay

    Stock FJ40 disc brake axle vs FJ60 disc conversion

    So this really isn't a how to question, more of an opinion request.... After reading until my eyes bulged out about disc brake conversions (I have a '66 FJ40 with ball and claw) I decided just to hunt down a stock disc axle. I recently placed my order for a stock FJ40 disc brake axle for about...
  8. allworknoplay

    Wanted  Fj40 front axle housing for disc brake conversion

    I have a '66 FJ40 with the old ball and claw setup but want to do a disc conversion on the front. Looking for a later model 40 housing that can be converted or an axle already with discs in or around Arizona, or at least reasonable enough to ship. Thanks in advance, Nick
  9. mrjordann

    Disc Brake Conversion Kits?

    Hello guys! I am looking to do a disc brake conversion on the front brakes of my 1973 FJ40. I've never done a disc brake conversion before. Where should I go for a conversion kit? (Everything included). What do you recommend if you've ever done one? Thanks in advance!
  10. 1973Guppie

    Wanted  Front Disc Brake Conversion Parts (Knuckle Out)

    Looking for someone whom can provide the knuckles outer for a disc brake conversion on a 1969 FJ40. FJ60, Minitruck parts etc.
  11. bossman28

    Wanted  Front and rear wheel cylinders

    If you are performing a front/rear disk conversation and want to get rid of your old wheel cylinders/hoses/tubes I will buy them off you.
  12. ukaviator

    For Sale  NEW JT outfitters FJ40 Disc brake conversion

    BRAND NEW in box FJ40/45 front disc conversion kit. Opened to realize this wasn't going to work for me. If I send it back JT Outfitters I'll have to pay shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Before I do that, wanted to offer it up to mud members and make it a win win for everyone This is the...
  13. C

    Help me identify this disc brake conversion

    This is a 1976 General Market (non-U.S.) FJ43. It would have come with drum brakes all around. Someone somewhere along the way converted it to disc brakes up front. Can anyone help me identify which disc brake conversion this is based on these pictures? Looks like Toyota parts to me. I'd like...
  14. E

    Help, best disc brake conversion, 1971 FJ

    I know the subject has been widely discussed. I have spent hours researching it. I'm looking for the best way to switch both front and back to disc. I have a 1971 FJ40. I would like to use the original riveted rims (as they have been prepped & painted) but realize that may not be an option...
  15. RLMS

    Red Line Big Brake kit! Fits 40-45-55-60 Mini truck live axles

    Red Line Big Brake Kit, Front Landcruiser Upgrade, FJ-40,45,55,60,70 Series Tired of not have the brake performance on your land cruiser? Have you upgraded to 35,37″ Tires, a V8 ? Well, This brake kit is for you. It’s the only kit of its kind for the solid axle land cruiser on the market. Red...
  16. F

    1962 FJ 40 / FJ 25 Project

    Gents, New to this forum, although I use it a ton in restoration projects. Previously was the owner of an '89 FJ62. Dad and I resorted and sold it. Now own a 1963 FJ 40 that we are looking to restore. Tons of questions have come up. Mainly is the confusion with these early FJ40s. Every part I...
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