1. B

    200k Maintenance - Dealer Hosing Me?

    2001 100 series - brought the cruiser in because my rear quarter window spontaneously shattered... Had them do an inspection while it was in there... Need advice on reasonability here... I don't know what's really necessary to complete aside from brakes. Original Estimate: $529.90 $465...
  2. jkilcullen

    May have found a Good Deal for Someone!

    Not sure if anyone is in the market for a brand new 200 but saw this up for sale at the dealership I bought my 200 from. They don't really know land cruisers and must have accidentally gotten this but either way its a '17 brand new old stock in Black on Black for 71k. Been priced this way for at...
  3. seth

    Any connections with SoCal Toyota?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a 2017 Tacoma TRD OR LB, and wonder if anyone on the forums has good connections with someone in sales that has an appreciation for FJ40s and could work a good deal. If you've had a good experience with someone in the LA area, please let me know. I'm ready to...
  4. Otis1971

    2007 LC timing belt replacement with water pump for $662 at the dealer?

    Guys, I called a local independent Toyota only shop and they wanted $1,050 for timing belt replacement including water pump. This was parts and labor. Today I called the local Toyota dealer just to see what they would charge. They quoted me $779 plus i have a 15% coupon that they confirmed I...
  5. SkyMall

    Check Engine Light Came On - The Results (EGR)

    Hey Mudders, In preparation for a long road trip, including a stop at Overland Expo East, I took my truck over to a dealership here in town (Wolfchase Toyota) to get the check engine light diagnosed. It's a 1994, so no OBD II, and I couldn't find anywhere else to take it on fairly short notice...
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