1. Gnarwgn

    Smoking Rear Wheel Hub...?

    Team - Drove 400 miles today and parked, jumped out to find white smoke coming out of my rear passenger wheel well. Couldn't tell if it was the caliper, pads, rotor, something else? I recently replaced the rear pads, and am wondering if there would be some type of correlation there... I have no...
  2. Drake2

    1st RockAuto Order (Front Calipers & Rotors)

    Well, I placed my 1st RockAuto order. Picked up a set of loaded calipers and rotors for the 1980 FJ40 front axle rebuild. The rotors have the partial GCX corrosion coating and the calipers come with the gold colored corrosion coating and ceramic pads. I will update this post with actual pics...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Brake Calipers, Rotors, Back Plates, hubs, spindles, knuckles

    SoCal FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY FRONT ONLY Please specify year of your FJ80 since 91-92 uses a different system. Also have axle housings, steering arms, etc. Prices range from $40 to $125
  4. NeverGiveUpYota

    Options for Calipers and Drums

    Brakes: My calipers are ugly. I’ve yet to pull them but do have a rebuild kit if the pistons don’t look to pitted. I already have autozone rotors I bought last year, so I’m hoping for the best from them. I have on hand the MAF stainless steel lines for all four. I’m not made of excess cash...
  5. Vavrinyuk

    FJ80 1991 Brake Bleeding Sequence

    Hello Everyone I am going to be bleeding my brakes on 1991 Land Cruiser after replacing front brake calipers using the Power Bleeder. I just wanted to make sure my bleeding sequence is correct. RR - LR - LSPV - FR - FL
  6. F

    Known problem with original calipers for a 1983 FJ60 ?

    Was there a known problem with the design or something of the FJ60 calipers from the factory ? The reason I ask is that in my front axle work, initiated by a leaky and seized passenger side caliper, I am finding the driver's side caliper to have seized (but not leak) in the same piston as the...
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