1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 - for 1995 to 1997 only - FRONT PASSENGER SEATBELT in OAK BROWN COLOR

    SoCal - 3 available ONLY PASSENGER SIDE. $110 including shipping to the 48 states. Condition is good with no shredding. SECOND AND THIRD ROW AVAILABLE ALSO NO DRIVER SIDE BELTS
  2. HoopesRacing

    SOLD  FJ55 Seatbelts - 2

    Two FJ55 seat belts. One of them is cut but the hardware still works great, so an easy fix. Will ship. $20. Orange County, CA. Comment here or text me 9492573630
  3. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - Shoulder Belts (Pair) 02/1980 FJ40

    I will not be using these so they are going.......all 3 items came from a 02/80 FJ40. $125 shipped for the pair of shoulder belts SOLD $35 shipped for the receiver SOLD
  4. D

    Can’t tighten A/C belt enough?

    The manual says 150ft/lbs, but I can’t get it over 50ft/lbs. I don’t have the screw drive tightening mechanism like I do on my air pump, so I’m unsure how to leverage the kind of torque I need to on the A/C to get it to that level of tightness. Any suggestions?
  5. Kons

    Wanted  Troopy forward-facing rear seats & seat belts

    Looking for the forward-facing fold down rear bench seat, and the seat belts (including shoulder belts), for a HZJ75 Troopy. I'm located in Central Oregon. Hoping someone has it sitting in their garage state side. Thanks, Kons
  6. DougAustinTx

    Split Fan Shroud _Easy belt access without removing the whole fan shroud

    I got tired of removing everything to get to the belts on my 40, so I split the shroud. This fix means you only remove 4 original bolts and it comes off, leaving the bottom half still firmly attached. You DO still have to disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator. If you look...
  7. K

    is it possible to get a full set of belts and hoses for an LJ70?

    If there is a place to order a full set of belts and hoses for a 1986 LJ70? Thanks!
  8. Ali M

    Where can I buy new front seat belts?

    I need to replace my brown front seat belts particularly the driver seat. Where can I get new ones?
  9. Formulaonehd

    Video tutorial, How to replace radiator, belts & water pump 1FZFE

    Another basic vid of how to replace the rad, water pump and belts. While im sure there are some short cuts i wanted to do this for those with little exp in doing this, just as i did with my oil cooler vid last week :) I did forget to mention in the vid to looses the pivot bolt on the alternator...
  10. ukaviator

    Anyone using front seats with integrated seat belts?

    Hey Guys My 45 only has the lap belts, and no where to mount a shoulder belt. Is anyone on here using a set of seats in either their 40 or 45 that have integrated seats belts? if so please post up some pictures and details on what you are using Ive considered an internal roll cage so I can...
  11. Kentex Rick

    Help with fan belts

    I am having issues installing new belts; they seem to be an inch short!:bang: I don't know if the alternator was replaced by PO with the wrong one or what. I have completely removed the tensioner hold down bolt, but the alternator won't go over far enough for me to get the new belts on. Does...
  12. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 seat belts

    Lap belts $25 ea recoil working $50 recoil not working $35
  13. DirtScaresMe

    Rth - cant get alternator belts on

    Alternator tension bolt on the ground, slammed alternator all the way to engine. Coming up nearly 3/4" short. Oem parts, 90916 02353 83 for my 94. Can't get first one on, second would be even more nightmareish. Battery out.
  14. Q

    Seat belts for a 73 FJ40??

    Hi all, I'm glad to join as I'm new to the FJ's. I just got a 73 FJ 40 and she's in really great shape however with no seat belts I don't feel comfortable taking top off and driving my kids around! I've done some research but really not sure who/what to go with. I don't have a roll bar so I...
  15. cppilot

    Finally restored my 1965 FJ45 Red seat belts

    Just finished restoring my original 1965 FJ45 LPB "Red" seat belts and thought I would share. The webbing was in really nice shape and all the chrome was fantastic. These seat belts were complete and all the working parts were excellent. The lift handles were originally painted a grey color...
  16. 88Retired62

    FJ60 vs. FJ62 Outside Door Window Rubber Weatherstrip Belts

    I know this subject has been discussed in the past but can't find the post. Can I replace my FJ62 chrome rubber outside (front/rear) door moldings with the black FL60 moldings. Commonly called outside moldings, weatherstrips or belts it's the outside squeegee type rubber at the bottom of the...
  17. C

    Seat Belts for 3rd Row Seats

    I just bought a '92 Cruiser and I'm having a used pair of 3rd row jump seats installed. The seats came with the middle belt, but I don't have the two outside belts that bolt onto the wheel well. I've searched all over, but can't seem to find anyone selling the 3rd row lap belts. Does anyone...
  18. woytovich

    For Sale  FJ62 Gray Rear Seatback w/headrests & shoulder belts (NY)

    I have an FJ62 rear seat back (it has headrests, the FJ60 seat does not). In good shape, no tears. I also have a pair of OEM FJ62 rear shoulder seat belts in gray in good shape. Includes the dark gray square-ish pieces that cover the retractor and I might have the light gray/tan pieces that go...
  19. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 fj40 shoulder seat belts $75

    Shoulder belts from a 78 fj40. What you see is what you get. They fully retract and extend but need a good refurbish. $75 plus shipping
  20. JWhitley12

    Wanted  FJ62 Gray Tailgate Carpet/ Rear retractable seat belts

    This is my first classifieds wanted ad so if Im not supposed to ask for 2 parts in one post please forgive me. I am looking for a used tailgate carpet for my 88 FJ62..Doesnt have to be great, I can clean and dye it. It would be great if it had the cardboard backing with it. Also looking for a...
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