1. jatree

    Exhaust system questions

    Which portion(s) of the exhaust system should I focus on during a baseline? Are there any parts that are definitely replace after 150k miles? Or things that should be done preventatively? So far I've replaced the PCV Valve and top two ventilation hoses which were both hard/cracked. I'll be...
  2. TheDan

    Planning on going to Mudrack for tb/wp job, anyone know how his pricing is?

    So ive owned my 2002 cruiser (ThunderTruck) for about 8 months, 6 of those months ive been deployed. My cruiser is at 180k and is in need of a timing belt/water pump. Id also prefer to do every moving part that touches the timing belt and is buried within that could sneak up and have me...
  3. MaineiacMoose

    Baseline Thread?

    I know this has probably been covered here before and I have searched for it to no avail. Could someone please point me in the direction of a complete baseline maintenance? Is there a thread with just the maintenance items that should be checked on a 16+ year old vehicle? I know the basics...
  4. B

    My 98 LX 470 Baseline Thread

    So after months of searching and finally giving up this fell in my lap. All original 2 owner 98 LX470 with 127k in great condition. My plans for this are pretty mild. We live in coastal NC and will take this on the beaches and on light camping trips. So far no real desire to knock it around...
  5. HardyDanger

    my '97 80 40th baseline list (it's really, really long, and no pics)

    So I'm about 3.5 months into the 80 lifestyle, err...addiction, and I have to say, I'm loving it. I've wrenched very little in the past my cars, but I'm finding it therapeutic. I knew what I was getting into, no regrets! I just finished renovating our house, so needed another excuse to...
  6. B

    Long Island/Brooklyn Mechanic to Baseline a 100

    Hi All! I've recently acquired a 1999 100 with 204k. I've been doing some light maintenance work (coil packs/plugs, fluids) but am looking for a mechanic in the area to do the alternator, timing belt, water pump and other assorted "baseline" work. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in...
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