1. chap79

    TSB-0092-20 For A/T ECU

    Since a number of folks have complained about the shifting in the 3rd gens I’ve attached the TSB addressing this issue. I went to the dealer and had them flash the ECU in November and can say that it made a huge improvement. The truck holds gears much better and actually will stay in 4th...
  2. djzimms

    2 Issues I'm Looking for Help Diagnosing...A/T Oil Temp Light & New Power Steering Pump

    First Issue: A/T Temp Oil Light... Background...I drove in 2H on the beach & the A/T Temp sensor came on, followed by a fire where there was a slight amount of transmission fluid coming out which caught fire. I had a shop in the Seattle area drop the transmission pan, replace the filter & do a...
  3. G

    For Sale  NEW Michelin LTX A/T 2 - $1300

    *Update, I now have (4) available. Will sell all for $750 for a Mud member. You pay shipping if you cannot pick up in Charleston, SC Hey Guys, I have (5) Michelin LTX A/T 2 285/65r18 E with less than 100 miles on them for sale. I purchased these this weekend and ended up finding a set of 17''...
  4. BJ74PE

    A/T shifter

    After a complete paint job and reassembly I noticed something might have happened to the shifter in my BJ74 (equipped with A440 transmission, lever positions PRND32L). It is now a little loose when engaged in R, N or D. The lever doesn't stay put, but moves up & down a little. There's no...
  5. K

    Automatic transmission- Driving techniques

    Hi Guys, My car is Turbo-Diesel, Engine 1HD-T, A/T of type A442F and it heats up in every driving condition except when cruising at 50 mph and above. I installed a cooler from Wholesaleautomatic Australia and the problem persists. I was advised to install a Lock-up Control (from...
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