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  1. C

    For Sale New Oasis XD 4500 12v air compressor

    $1400 obo. Boxed up and ready to ship. It is brand new with all parts and paper work. This is like having a shop compressor on your vehicle or trailer. It was slated to go on a project I am working on but the plan changed. My loss is your gain. I'm in Nevada City, CA
  2. erse

    looking for advice on beginners spray paint equipment

    Next possible projects on the 62 will include painting newly acquired bare metal sliders sliders and sound deadening/new carpet on the inside. @NCFJ has mentioned lizard skin products in some of his builds and I would like to try it. I have zero paint experience. Looking for some advice for a...
  3. O

    2000 LX470 Air Conditioner issue

    I've searched the threads but couldn't find answers to my following issue. My AC started blowing warm air a couple months ago so I took it in and got it recharged. They also put dye in at the time and last week it started blowing warm again. Took it in and mechanic diagnosed leak in condensor...
  4. C

    For Sale [WA] 4x4labs 3rd row rack, Puma Compressor + Phil's Mount (80 series)

    Installed drawers in my 80 last year and removed the 3rd row rack to do so; it was barely used before I bought the drawers, no marks I can find on it. Compressor & mount have never been used - I installed the mount (from LandCruiserPhil) to test fit but that's it. - 3rd row storage, 80 series...
  5. D

    SOLD Smittybilt -5.65 CFM Portable Air Compressor - 2781

    I literally used this compressor 3x. Works perfect. Decided to go with on board air, so I don't need this anymore. Here's a link from Amazon on the specs of this compressor Smittybilt 2781 $80 + shipping cost to you. Let me know your zip code and i'll find out the shipping cost.
  6. Jaybird1

    Air compressor

    80 gal 5hp single phase. Recommendations? Under $1k
  7. MRT Motorsports


    Moore Racing Tech is offering up FREE ARB Air Compressors with ARB Locker purchase. Buy 1 locker, get a single compressor. Buy 2 lockers, get the twin compressor! This deal ends in 1 month, so jump on it now before I am sold out of lockers! Our pricing is unbeatable with this free compressor...
  8. GaryN

    For Sale [CA] Viaair 400p air compressor

    -- SOLD -- Used for 2 years, a couple dozen times. I now have an on board unit and don't need this. Works fine - fills quickly and its autooff feature is nice. $100 + shipping
  9. pdxlc200

    Slee Air Compressor Tray

    Thought I would comment on the fit and finish of the Slee ARB Compressor mount. I put on the single compressor and a Blue Sea 50 amp switch. Turned out pretty cool I think.
  10. SurfSwitch

    Doing an Air Compressor with External Fitting Install

    Exploring offroad has become somewhat of a weekly adventure for me, so I'm going to upgrade my compressor for airing down. I stumbled upon this thread on a VW Samba forum while randomly looking at compressor installs and thought some of you might enjoy it. I'll probably install my compressor...
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