1. geologic

    For Sale  MS warehouse Find 76 blue

  2. geologic

    For Sale  MS warehouse Find 76 beige FJ40

  3. S

    Rent a new vdj76 for $10/day.

    Just thought I would post this up in case anyone has time to jump on this whether you're in Aussie or abroad. 4WD Campervan Hire - $10 per day 4WD campervan hire | Britz It's a relocation special. They need the vehicles moved from Melbourne where they're built to their other locations. I...
  4. Eco 45

    All Hypothetical of course; 79 Double Cab or 76 Series Body

    Supposed one stumbled across the option to either purchase the cab with interior for a 79 Series Double Cab LHD or the main body with interior for a 76 Series LHD, but were only given the option to buy one...which would you choose?? No frames, engines, front fenders, or hood; just the body and...
  5. overpaid slacker

    76 FJ40 hard top parts diagram

    my 76 fj40 appears to be missing some sort of panel that goes just under the front lip of the hard top shell (and attaches to the windshield frame). Anybody happen to have a pic of what this part looks like, and where in haddes I can buy one? Many thx!
  6. freyes

    70 71 73 74 76 79 Series VPR4X4 Builds VIPERACC

    Its great to be here, this is a great web forum. We are looking forward to becoming a part of this site more in the future. We wanted to make a thread of the 70 series vehicles we use for Rally Racing and Demo use at Off road events in South America. If you have any questions about any of the...
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