75 fj40

  1. SandiaFJ40

    Wanted  Wiper Motor for '75 FJ40...

    Looking for a working wiper motor for a '75 40 series... If you have one please post or PM me a pic. Thanks!
  2. J

    Stock wheels for 75 FJ40

    My FJ is a 1975 and I'm curious if these wheels are stock for this year and color? Seems like they are missing the hubcaps which I really want to add, but you don't see the hubs on white wheels much. I know the wheels are original and when the FJ was restored, the wheels were powder coated...
  3. 2

    75 FJ40 Rookie

    Hey everyone, just joined today and figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Alex and I just acquired a 1975 FJ40 from my good buddy! It's not running right now because it is missing a distributor and carburetor off the 283 v8. But could probably be running with a few Craigslist deals. I...
  4. BigBob

    For Sale  74-75 Toyota fj40 Landcruiser $5,000.00

    An FJ40 enthusiast dream vehicle. Was non-opp'd in California back in 2009. Its power plant is a Chevy 350 or 327,You'll want to run the numbers (I'm leaning towards a 350. 4 speed original tranny w/ aux output. I have the dash bezel in storage & bill of sale and there is a clean title. I...
  5. georgia fj40

    6 spline locking hubs

    Had an issue that started a couple weeks ago with a hub not disengaging. Have been searching high and low for an affordable replacement. Inside of the passenger one was mangled pretty badly. As much as I try to avoid CCOT they seem to be the only source, with the AVM 6spline ($199), but they are...
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