1. H

    Rertrofit 1978 2F with 1992 3VZE Evap System

    I currently am running a 2F with a Howell Efi conversion in place. I would like to Incorporate a simple evaporative emmissions system from a 1992 3VZE if possible. (Or a similar basic system) What do you think ? Can I simply install a Bimetal Vacuum Switching Valve (BVSV) in a location...
  2. Jon long

    2 Gen Pickup Mud Flaps

    Can anyone provide me with detailed pictures of their mud flaps for a 2 gen pickup. I am hunting for a full set and want to get an idea of what components I will need.
  3. Mr DNA

    Another EFI Fuse Blowing Adventure - '94 4Runner

    I never thought I'd be willing to take my truck to a mechanic, but I'm about at that point now. Hopefully someone has a crucial piece of insight that I'm missing. We have a 94 4Runner. 3vze, automatic. Under 200000 miles and in otherwise great condition and until 3 weeks ago reliable and...
  4. mervo

    Another 1st Gen 4Runner Build

    Fellow Mudders, Earlier this week my wife told me a neighbor from a few blocks away stopped by as they always see me in the driveway working on my 80 series, and hauling stuff to the dump in my 95 standard cab 22re (first vehicle I ever purchased). Well, to make a long story short, the...
  5. Mr DNA

    A340H Transfer Stuck in 4Lo after Trans swap

    Hey all- after a ~8 year time period away from Toyota 4x4s (well, all 4x4s, sadly) I recently picked up a 94 4Runner with the 3VZE and A340H trans/transfer. I got it at a very good price with low (for the year) miles mainly because the transmission, while completely functional, had a nice crack...
  6. Jordan thomas

    Swap from v6 3vze to 2LT turbo diesel

    Hey guys I'm new to the site hoping to get some answer. I'm doing a swap from a 1990 hilux 3vze with w56 transmission to a 2LT turbo diesel. My question is will the clutch work when I do the swap? Also I know the motor mounts on my truck will not work ( cause it's v6 ) if I get mounts fabbed up...
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