3rd gen 4runner

  1. C

    For Sale  Omaha Ne. 2001 stock 4runner 16” wheels with Hankook Dynapro tires

    Price: Open to offers Tires Hankook Dynapro ATM Size: 265/70/16 Wheels Lug Pattern: 6 x 5.5/139.7mm Wheel iameter: 16 Also have a spare which is a different tire on a standard black hub
  2. P

    3rd gen acceleration problem

    I'm stuck and need help please!!! (bold/underlined is the problem) I have a 2002 4runner limited 4x4. Things I've done "mechanically": - new engine (same 5vz-fe) 8 months ago - cold air intake 4 months ago - flowmaster super 40 - new catalytic converters 2 years ago My check engine light has...
  3. Van Damage

    For Sale  Chicago 87 4runner for sale or trade

    I have an 87 auto with 185k on the odometer and 140 on the engine. Engine is out of a 93 2wd pickup, I've had to do alot to this truck over the past 3yrs to make it a road Worthy daily driver. New fuel tank and sending unit , ball joints , front wheel bearings and seals, CV shafts , new brakes...
  4. kaze0025

    3rd gen 4runner Snorkel on ebay

    Found a 3rd gen snorkel on ebay for the 4runners. Lower cost than the ARB ones too http://www.ebay.com/itm/293217961971
  5. F

    Wanted  Oregon/Washington: Looking for FJ80 rear coils to lift the rear of my 3rd gen 4runner

    I'm still learning what the difference between 7 wrap and 9 wrap and the paint code but i'm looking for a pair to lift the rear end.
  6. T

    For Sale  Austin Texas: 3rd gen 4runner icon stage 2

    I have a stage 2 suspension setup for a 3rd gen 4runner which includes Icon coilovers Icon upper control arms Rear icon shocks Toytec superflex coils Toytec extended brake lines All new in the boxes never installed $2500 obo
  7. starclassic

    Builds  Starclassic's 1999 Land Cruiser Build Thread "Bear"

    I purchased my first 100 series on 7/12/18 from a forum member. After a couple years modding a 1997 4Runner and getting my feet wet with wheeling and modding (nothing major here in Chicagoland), we needed a new family vehicle and decided to sell the runner and look for a UZJ100. I'd been lurking...
  8. Kofk

    Running boards - options?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy stock 3rd gen running boards in good condition (SR5, but I think Limited will work as well). This is mainly to protect the rocker panels from rocks, salt, etc. My first 4Runner is really suffering in that area and I don't want this to happen to the other one. Will...
  9. 180jigz

    Wanted  WTB: 3rd gen 4runner sliders.

    Looking for 3rd gen sliders. Figure see if anyone is parting ways with some before I order. Thanks
  10. landcruiser3DP

    heavy duty ladder rack on 3rd gen 4runner

    having a hard time checking all the boxes on needs for a new vehicle. can i get a heavy duty ladder rack for hauling stuff on a 3rd gen 4 runner like i have on my taco?! thanks jon
  11. mossler

    J95 and after-maker parts for Hilux Surf/3rd Gen 4Runner

    Hello folks, my first post here. So far, my searches have never directed me to a clear answer. Reading a lot of information leaves one with the impression that since the J95 Land Cruiser and the 3rd Gen 4Runner/Hilux Surf are re-skinned cousins, that parts meant for one can be used on the...
  12. btbowie

    From a 100 to a 3rd Gen 4Runner or 1st Taco?

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd just get some quick insight from anyone who may have experience with both, or all three of these trucks, as I have had experience with just the LC. I'm in the process of selling/trading my 100 and initially planned on nothing but a Tacoma to replace it with. I used to...
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