1. OffRoadScott

    Looking for someone

    That has a driveline setup similar to what I want to do. I am thinking of going with either 4.88 with 35s' or 5.29 with 37s'. If you do not mind meeting with me so I can drive/ride with you to see how it runs and reacts to the 4.88 or 5.29. Thanks for your time.
  2. All washed up... new shoes

    All washed up... new shoes

  3. Comparison 33s vs 35s

    Comparison 33s vs 35s

  4. agryphon

    4.56 or 4.88 on 35s

    I just bought a '93 LC with 35 BFG AT tires and will be doing a OME 2.5'' lift soon, thinking of regearing to either 4.56 or 4.88. I do a lot of highway driving but will be doing some offroad as well. How will this affect performance particularly MPG?
  5. Markuson

    Builds  Bubba Goes Beast: (Slee Bumper, TJM, 35's & More!)

    This week, "Bubba" (named after my dog) goes full Beast mode after saving up for a pile of mods, and help from Slee Off-road!! Wooooooooo! (Woof?) :hillbilly: The local tire shop laughed when I drove off on 35's...rubbing like heck with my Tupperware bumpers still on (only way to get tires...
  6. bugsnbikes

    For Sale  (Ca.) 35 x 12.5- 15

    i have 4 - 35" Wild Country TXR tires mounted/balanced on some 6x5.5 rims. 80% tread on 2 and 60%'on other 2. Lots of tread life. These are a bit of an a/t -m/t mix tire. i have em on craigslist for $600 obo. but will offload them to a mudder for $300. these are in San Rafael
  7. Markuson

    35"+ Tire Roll-call... (200's only)

    :steer::steer::steer::steer::steer: :clap::clap: There are always a lot of considerations involved in choosing to go with 35 or above tires. If you are running 35's (or more) on your 200, it would be great to hear a few details! -Tire model -Spec size (---/85/17, etc. -What mods required to...
  8. Coolfishluke

    FJ80 Gearing and tyres

    I have recently purchased a 1992 FJ80 with 35" tyres and 4.88 diff gears. I have also fitted a Marks 4WD part time 4WD hub kit. It drives great, especially since the Mark's kit was installed. I am planning to drive around the USA over 6-8 months, so plenty of miles both on and off road...
  9. Markuson

    35's...and Mountain Biking

    Short Version: **What's the most simple route to non-rubbing 35's?** Rationale: So I've resisted the idea of 35's because it seemed to require a lot of fiddling. Always seemed unnecessary to me... Mountain Biking Connection... ...As an avid mountain biker with both 27" and 29" wheels over...
  10. SoCalFZJ80

    33" vs 35" Tires Stock Gears FJ80

    Last weekend I picked up my second fj80. Its a 1995 and right now the vehicle is completely stock. I plan on putting a 3” lift on in the next month and eventually bumpers down the line but first it needs new tires. I am debating between 285 75 16 33s VS 315 75 16 35s. This is my daily driver...
  11. MScruiser

    Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series

    Table of Contents: I sell my 40 Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series I get my 200 Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series Weathertechs Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series Duratrac Wranglers Installed Meet "Fat Amy" my Amazon Green 200 Series TRD Rock Warriors Meet "Fat Amy" my...
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