3 speed

  1. ToddA

    For Sale  Tyler, TX... 1972 3 Speed Transfer Case & Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel, Etc...

    I have a pull-out setup from a 1972 FJ40 from when it was swapped to a 4 speed with the 4 speed transfer case. Rather than messing with adapting the 3 speed transfer case to a 4 speed transmission, he decided to just throw the complete setup in there (my boss' vehicle). So I have been tasked...
  2. GreenBeachTruck80

    For Sale  Numerous early FJ40 parts for sale: Updated 10/5/18

    Updated 10.5.18 : List revised to show what's still available All, I recently purchased a project vehicle that included many early FJ 40 (67) parts, which I don't need/ aren't applicable to my 70 project. Below is a list of most of what's available. To simplify things, I created a Google sheet...
  3. T

    For Sale  FJ40 3 speed transmission and transfer case

    For sale 3 speed tranny and transfer case out of a 72. Transmission shifts smoothly. Transfer case shifter is stuck but output shafts spin fine. $400 $250 150 p/s OBO Located in Buffalo, NY
  4. Deep South Cruisers

    Wanted  WTB complete 3 speed FJ40 transfer case

    Looking for a complete FJ40 3 speed transfer case to finish a build. What you got???
  5. Rusty 72

    For Sale  3 speed Trans, transfer case with pto.

    Parting out.....I am going to use the transfer case gears in my 4 speed case. 3 speed transmission with floor shifter, extra top for column shifter, bellhousing and both driveshafts. $75.00 prefer local pickup.
  6. Rusty 72

    For Sale  FJ40, Auto & 3 speed transfer case

    Rebuilt 350 turbo, AA adapter, 3 speed transfer case and both driveshafts. Has been installed in chassis but never driven. Can ship by Fastenal.
  7. stevebradford

    FREE! Thread for free stuff.

    Thought I would make a thread to give away my free junk because you guys are the closest thing to family I can pawn my garbage off to.
  8. T

    3 speed vs 4 speed question

    Hey guys I have a 72 parts car and it looks like someone did a 2F swap on it. How do I tell if the transmission is 3 vs 4 speed? Is there a way to tell by serial number without shifting it? The shifter has a lot of play and it's hard to tell the pattern. Pic attached
  9. Bripars40

    For Sale  FJ40 3 speed transfer case shift boot

    I have one transfer case shift boot. I miss ordered this thinking it was the one I needed for my truck. It should fit on 1973 and prior trucks with floor shift transfer cases. Part number is 58280-60020 Asking $20 shipped
  10. T

    For Sale  SM465 to 3 Speed Plate Adapter. Washington St.

    I have a new unused SM465 to 3 speed tcase adapter. Woodys style, purchase off of this board new several years ago. Asking $250 shipped us mail. Thank you
  11. Tancruiser

    Wanted  3 speed

    I'm looking for a good 3 speed transmission .
  12. 1phrogguy

    3 speed auto leaking into transfer

    Hi all, I have a 3 speed auto tranny that appears to be leaking into the transfer case. Checked transfer this afternoon and it was overfilled with a mix of atf and gear oil. Mostly atf. I read on the web that I need to change some seals just don't know which one(s). Here's some pics to show...
  13. Captn Conch

    How functional is GM SM465 tranny W/ 3 speed transfer?

    I'm wanting to do this. But Just how usable is this granny gear when in 4 low? I had a '72 Chev 1 ton 2wd pickup and yes it was a real stump puller granny gear. I can only imagine being in 4 low with a granny gear in the Cruiser. Hi range granny, yes, but is it even viable in 4 low granny with...
  14. L

    For Sale  SM420, Adapter, 3 - 3 speed Transfer Cases, Bellhousing, Rebuild Kits

    I had great expectations and plans to put a SM420 into my FJ40. But, alas, life has taken a different turn and I have headed in a different direction with 40. What does this mean for you - if you want to undertake the project, I am offering a smoking hot deal on this entire setup. Some assembly...
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