1. G

    Buyer Beware! Possible Frame Rust

    My wife and I took the 2007, Pearl LX470 being sold at Indy Luxury Motorsports to Tom Wood Lexus on 4/9/2019. The mechanic and manager told us the car was brought in last week by another couple and it has extensive frame rust causing severe damage and needed new frame as well as lot of other...
  2. C

    Wanted Very Clean 2006 or 2007 Lexus LX470

    Greetings Everyone, I have been searching high and low for a very clean 2006 or 2007 LX470 with around 100K miles or less. I’m specifically looking for the LX. I’ve been on what seems like every online used auto site and have continuously checked Autotempest to aggregate...
  3. JoshieWho

    Gx rses dvd player problems

    Hey folks. I bought this GX470 (2007), it has nav and rear entertainment. The rear dvd player has not worked for me since day one. No power, nothing... I have searched the internet including Mud’ and seen many conflicting answers. Some say it can be powered up without a remote (I have no...
  4. T

    For Sale 07 Tacoma flat bed

    07 tacoma with air suspension in the rear and icons up front. Truck has a small lift with an elocker and air bags in the rear. It is the v6 4L engine with a kn filter. (No crazy engine mods). The bed was converted to a flat bed and lock boxes where added. Truck does come with the front and rear...
  5. Erez4x4

    2007 Land cruiser, fuel filter???

    Hi guys, I have a problem, when we drive off road to high elevation (10- 11,000 ft) the car is loosing power and then turn off and wont start again until I open the engine hood and disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel filter and then there is a lot of air pressure released... I re-connect the...
  6. SilverSixty

    Wanted 4th gen 4Runner Sport 4wd V6 CT

    Hello, I am in Ct and looking for a 4th generation 4runner with 4 wheel drive and V6 engine. I prefer the sport edition and have been looking for a 2005-2008 with lower miles aprox 100K. Willing to tavel or meet part way if you are far away . Let me know if you can help out ! Thanks!
  7. 0

    My 2007 V8 4Runner

    2007 V8 Sport Edition As It Sits Today... On Top of Pike's Peak Loveland Pass Chicago Salt Mods Interior - Kenwood DDX 712 - JL Audio Front Components - JL Audio Rear Coaxials - 12" Alpine Type R - Hard Wired Escort 9500i - Scan Gauge II - Front 20% Rear 5% Tint Exterior - ARB...
  8. varun bhargava

    craigslist Not Mine - 2007 LC - Texas - 94k miles

    2007 Toyota Land Cruiser - 94k Miles - Black Based on pictures - No AHC - No DVD player - Clean interior - No exterior rust
  9. Aids10

    For Sale 2007 100-Series OEM Set 18" Premium Wheels

    4x Take-Offs I have been holding on to; you will not find better examples short of coughing-up serious coin at the dealership for new ones! 1x Used Spare $1,200 + ship :cheers:
  10. USOffRoad

    For Sale TX - 2007 Tundra - 95600 Miles!

    Factory serviced every time, oil changed every 5000 miles. 5.7 V8 has zero issues, no leaks and runs perfect. New brakes with slotted/drilled rotors up front. ToyTec coilovers on the front with ProComp Prorunner shocks on all 4 corners. Lifted 2" up front to give it a level look without using...
  11. cyclonus

    craigslist No Affiliation 2007 LC San Francisco

    $4500 Toyota Land Cruiser Lowest I've seen for a 2007. Pretty low tbh for any 100 series.
  12. 1911

    For Sale 2007 Lexus SC430, Texas

    Move forces sale of my wife's car I bought for her when she became a grandmother, a 2007 Lexus SC430. 52,000 miles, upgraded mag wheels, 100% serviced at Lexus dealership, nothing but synthetic oil in it since new. Very good condition; a couple of chips in the paint. Do not buy this car if...
  13. Rookie2

    How to identify 2006 and 2007 LX470

    Are there any visible exterior identifiers that distinguish a 2006 and 2007 from other year LX 470?
  14. 2001LC

    Scored 2007 LC w/174K AHC

    I went and bought my 5th 100 series, fourth in 11 months. Today while waiting on PO to bring (260 miles round trip) to me, for inspection & close, I was extremely excited. I was like a child on Christmas eve waiting to peak under the Christmas tree. I've been working hard on acquiring this one...
  15. 97 40th

    For Sale 2007 Land Cruiser, no AHC, 146k miles, $28kn NW Arkansas

    Selling My 2007 LC. 146K miles. Thunder Cloud Metallic on Gray leather. Non-Smoker. No Rust. I am the 3rd owner. Was bought new at the local Toyota dealership. I know the original owner. He had the dealership install the lift when he bought it. He then traded it in on a new one after driving it...
  16. S

    For Sale 2007 Lexus Lx470 w/ slee offroad suspension

    I am new to the site and I am selling my 2007 LX470 and am trying to post to as many sites as possible as I know it is somewhat of a specialty vehicle. This is my second car and looking to upgrade to a 200 series as my main car. Check out my craigslist ad that I have posted for the details. I...
  17. L

    AHC & Accumulators Reliability on New Land Cruiser & LX570 vs 2007 Models?

    Hi folks: I have a 2007 Land Cruiser and it's been a fantastic vehicle, with one exception, the ACH and accumulators. I've had to have all 4 accumulators replaced twice, once at 60K, and again at 100K. Other than that I've had zero problems with the vehicle and the only service it's ever had...
  18. T

    For Sale 2007 Toyota Tacoma 2WD Access Cab

    I've found my dream cruiser and decided to put my "ole reliable" up for sale. I've owned this truck since under 30,000 miles and am the 3rd owner. Current miles: ~104,000. The interior is in great condition. Never been smoked in. There are a few blemishes on the outside, but nothing you can see...
  19. B

    Wanted 2006-2007 100 Series Land Cruiser

    HELP ME FIND MY UNICORN! On the hunt for a 2006-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser in Silver, Grey or White In that order). Looking for something with under 140K miles and No AHC (not a requirement). Located in Charleston, SC but willing to travel for the right vehicle. I know the good ones sell fast so...
  20. GX 2007

    i want to install cluster dimmer switch

    good morning/evening every one, am have GX 2007 its come without Dimmer i want to install it , what the parts i need it to make dimmer works !?
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