1. M

    Wanted FJ55 - Looking in Washington State

    I'm finally ready to buy the 55 I've been building in my head over the past 25 years. I'm looking for something that I can work on while using it at the same time. The body condition can be a range of just shy of needing a transplanted roof to only needing surface rust cleanup. Ideally I'm...
  2. S.CarolinaFZJ80

    SOLD 1976 FJ40 Owner’s Manual & Owner’s Guide 1976

    A good condition, 1976 Owner’s Manual, $90 shipped CONUS and an even better condition, Owners Guide 1976, $50 shipped CONUS *note (the Owner’s Guide 1976 does NOT have those black lines on the actual guide. I edited the photo to obscure that info. just in case they are still around.)
  3. tweek99

    For Sale 1976 FJ40

    The time has come to try and peddle my landcruiser. I bought it several years ago and finally got thing fix and tidied up a short time ago. I tore it down to the frame and started there. Some of you may have seen it in my build thread Curing Cancer on this site. I have recently acquired a 74...
  4. D

    For Sale 1976 fj40

    The time has come for me to part with my beloved 1976 Toyota fj40. I have driven it rarely, and never off road, despite its capabilities. It is a rare rust free specimen! Attention has been paid to every detail. Restoration has been thorough and many updates made to make it a pleasure to drive...
  5. Ms Kitty

    Wanted refurbished/rebuilt 2F Engine for '76 FJ40

    Threw a rod on my FJ40. Purchased it in 2014 with a F155 in place. Would prefer to go back to original. Located in Chicago IL
  6. G

    For Sale 1976 Carb

    I am selling the 1976-dates carb that came on my ‘75. It was starting easily and idling well, bud developed an off-idle stumble during initial acceleration. I think this is due to a couple things: 1. PO didn’t have fuel filter installed and there was some junk at the bottom of the fuel tank...
  7. peterkcc

    Parting Out 1976 Partial Part Out

    Listed below are parts I have from a rebuild I was working on but never finished. Now I am engaged and need a little extra money. I will list the condition and price below. A lot of these parts I have stripped and repainted or restored myself. I have pictures of everything so if you would like...
  8. B

    1976 FJ55 one owner

    Here is my 1976 FJ55 one owner vehicle I recently purchased. It was a complete, not running and bought off the elderly couple. I have already sourced a good running, low km 3F engine and a Factory 5 speed to suit. Factory Air-conditioning and Power Steering as well. Looking forward to sharing...
  9. Clark1454

    For Sale 1976 FJ 40 Not mine

    1976 FJ40 Land Cruiser
  10. koxfarm

    1976 Steering wheel overhaul

    Pretty sure this topic has been covered a several times but there are many ways to skin a cat as an environmental activist would quoute the abundance of options presented for skinning a f**n cat. Btw Jerry would have heaps of ideas how to take poor old Tom's fur off .. Here is this 1976 steering...
  11. sigorama

    For Sale Original 1976 FJ40 Front Bucket Seats

    I have a pair of front seats out of a 1976 FJ40 with the rails, as well. Includes three of the small mounts that connect to the body. Would prefer to sell as a set, but will sell of bits and pieces depending on interest. $500 for the set with one note. The metal seat backs seen in the majority...
  12. wngrog

    For Sale Jan 1976 Frame/Cowl with clear TN Title

    Cowl and Frame for 1976 FJ40. Comes with a clear title from Tennessee last updated in 2007 and tub and engine plates. $350 Pickup only on Frame and Cowl shipping available on the other items. Please contact me via PM Link to other items that were removed but may also be available. Some...
  13. wngrog

    SOLD 1976 FJ40 Fuel Gas Tank Cover

    Surface rust but solid. $40 plus shipping.
  14. wngrog

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Hard Doors

    the doors are in moderate but rebuildable condition Glass and inner hardware is all there. Will ship Greyhound but local pickup or mud ship is preferred $250 plus shipping
  15. wngrog

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Fender/Hood Skirts

    great shape. $40 plus $15 to ship
  16. wngrog

    For Sale Sold

    $100 plus a $20 ride
  17. F

    Wanted Hardtop to windshield bracket for 1976 FJ40

    I am looking for the hardtop to windshield frame bracket for my 1976 FJ40. The PO had the top all apart and forgot to put this in the rig when I bought it. Now he is not interested in sending it to me so I need to find another one. Not exactly sure what years will fit an 1976 top.
  18. Arizona Jeff

    Arizona Jeff's 1976 FJ40 Thread

    Well I bought a 40....and I just turned 40. Seems appropriate I'd say. I have an 1996 FZJ80 that I use for the trail, and the purpose of this one is to NOT beat it up on the trail. I got what I consider a really good deal, and just fell in love with this baby! It's been in Arizona it's whole...
  19. Shickalee

    Wanted 1976 FJ40 Wiper Wash Switch with Knob

    Please PM me if you have this switch, the Toyota part # is 84652-27010
  20. K

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Engine and body Harness

    Intact and good condition from my 76 FJ40. I'm building a crawler and most everything has/is coming out. I see one wire repair with a crimp fitting and one single wire cut off, both pictured below. $250
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