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    Random Picture Thread

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    Random Picture Thread

    Got a new piece of equipment in the mail today🤩
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    Do all HJ61’s come with a cable locker?

    No, it was an option. Like the pto winch was. Extremely rare peices, not even all the jdm trucks had them. And i believe that it was both lockers or none at all, I could be wrong on this though. I know that they have a mechanism on them so that the front locker can only be engaged if the rear is...
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    What beer are you drinking?

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    Artistic Cruiser Pics

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    Random Picture Thread

    Aus is burning
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    JP147's HJ47 Troopcarrier

    Super cool rig mate. I know it's awile back but what did ya think of the border track and how long did it take? Pretty keen to do it my self. Also, any dramas with the harrop in the front?
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    Random Picture Thread

    That killer land rover of course:flipoff2:
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    compound turbo 1HD engines

    I would love to see the dyno sheets on these, i wouldn't have thought that 2 turbos will net a big advantage over a properly setup single turbo, these motors have a small rpm range and i have heard of people running into issues with boost before 1600rpm? Is that a thing or a rumor? obviously not...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Hello monday....🤩🙄
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    Builds My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Beautiful work, i love the uniqueness of the set, it looks stunning. I would be interested to know if it dents or scratches easily.🍻
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    60 series wins! The best cruiser of them all

    Very cool vid, unfortunately US landcruisers are only a fraction of the variants made over the years. Robustness is not extinct in the landcruiser, you just have to get outside the US to see it
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    1HD-FTE maintenance and proformance in my hdj79

    Thanks, can't say that i have heard about the way that a smartphone will read my boost. Do you care expanding on that one?
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    1HD-FTE maintenance and proformance in my hdj79

    Okay been awhile, but I'm getting ready to see this thing give me some more pepper. I have installed vdo boost and egg gauges and a mbc. The get gauge is in the manifold where the egr pipe normally comes out of. Seems to work well. I have a problem with my boost gauge though, I stuffed the air...
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