What to do with this rusty POS?

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Dec 26, 2002
Ridgway CO, Klamath Falls OR
Fact is I have several 40s 45s 60's 80's. I couldn't watch this one get tossed and I stepped up to save it.
Generally I have a good vision, I have put together a bunch of Cruisers over the years and have been happy doing so and they make people happy to see the past living.
This one I am not sure where to take it? 3B runs awesome! No leaks, solid super happy with the drivetrain. Body and frame are pretty roached. The frame is usable but would require work. B pillar back is junk, top is good! It's an 82 BJ42 thoughts on where to go with it? Keep in mind I have probably 8 other Cruiser projects that trump this one so selling it to a good new owner is an option. But after driving this rust bucket it's tempting to do something with it.
It's from the Netherlands, brought here by a couple traveling over 10 years ago, WA tittle, branded. Thoughts?
Klamath falls oregon
Turn it into a authentic African safari bush looking truck, but brand new unused looking. Get a Landcruiser heaven complete tub, snorkel, roof rack, canoe, the new 4+ catchers mask front bumper, bunch of jerry cans, buy another frame to fix or replace frame, pto. A land Rover bush killer. Since you have other projects though just drive it for now and slowly aquire the parts as deals pop up.

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