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May 6, 2014
Los Angeles
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Hi--so i have been a member for a few years, but i don't think i have ever posted so forgive me please if I have done this incorrectly. In any case i am selling my old Tyotoa BJ-42 Diesel landcruiser. I purchased this vehicle in Costa Rica, then drove it down to Panama, and then back up to the United States, to Los Angeles. I planned to make a kind of desert crawler out of it but have too many projects. So, anyway, what is left of it is for sale...Basically it is everything below the hood and below the body. The clutch does not work so it can't change gears. IF you want to ride around on it (not advised) you have to start it while engaged in first gear. Includes

1) running 3B engine
2) Working manual transmission (i think it is 3 plus reverse)
3) Transfer case (works except i took the little aluminum switch manifold off and broke it, so you will have to find one...bolts on...
4) Frame
5) Axles,
ALSO: INCLUDES A PTO--the PTO is one of my favorite things--it runs perfectly---and has a driveshaft attached to front end of PTO...(cut off at end) a second driveshaft may be added to the rear part of the PTO to run any PTO operaated tool....
6) Tires and wheels (front right tire does not hold air, but still drove from Costa Rica...
7) Radiator
8) High pressure Diesel Fuel pump (this leaks, I think on the top when engine is running.
9) hand operated diesel fuel filter and lift pump.
10 a power steering pump (not sure it works)
11) steering wheel and steering box--all attached
12) front and rear drive-shafts
13) all injectors and injector lines.
14) Battery platform

Does not have:
1) any body parts
2) The correct alternator/vacuum pump for brakes...I plugged one of the outflow spots for the oil cooler on the vacuum pump with a spark plug--so this diesel has a spark plug...I think I have the seats, including the bench seats in the back, but they are in really poor, I will try to put up some pics but the files seem to be too large...
3) I broke the aluminum housing that holds the Y-shaped switch that changes from 2x to 4x4...the ignition is still attached but most small keys will start it...

I do not have any title to this vehicle so it is being sold for Parts Only...

I am asking $2,500.00 for all of it except the bench seats. I am open to hearing reasons on why I should lower or raise the price...I looked online and the first 'running 3b' diesel engine was for sale for over $7,000.00 so this seems like a reasonable price given you also get a rolling chassis and gear box and transfer case and axles, tires, wheels, driveshafts...PTO etc...
Ok, thanks everyone. I hope whoever buys this has a great time with it--I sure did.
The PTO is probably the coolest most unique thing about the rig---and it has attachments to run tools from the front or rear. It also is rigged up front so the steering bar is above the axle, which is good. I have put up pictures on Flkr but I think mud does not let me show the web address here...if it does this is the address:
Maxpics Flicker

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IMG_5326 (1).jpg

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