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Feb 28, 2014
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@mk4leo getting your Crossfit on?
Good idea!

Not a Cruiser, but just as cool an old Defender 90
60 looks nice and dirty, I like it!
I've always loved the Slee Shortbus for the 80s. Wish he could make the bar setup for the 100s like the 80s.
Just saw a nice looking 100 on Kirby @ Bissonnet,....didn't get a pic :doh:, But he looked like he was certainly a member here.

It was Navy(or maybe black) with dark grey painted wheels, lifted, had two of the larger hellas up front.
Saw 2 more 100's and a 60 in the past couple days, but I didn't recognize them from MUD.
One was going other direction at Buffalo Speedway & Bissonnet, Thunder Cloud with ARB front and a rear with studs, but no swing outs(couldn't tell brand). No pics as I was driving the Chief and taking pics while driving is frowned upon.
Saw another today pulling out of Torchy's Tacos in the Rice Village. I was River Rock Mica with only a Safari snorkel.
The 60 was also in the Village on Rice. I didn't get a great look at it, but it was light blue or grey on about 33" mud terrains.

Here's one I do have a pic of from Crested Butte Colorado, back in Feb:
Have you seen the 40 on N. Braeswood and Main? Been meaning to stop and have a closer look.

Late reply, but no, I don't think I have noticed.

I finally found out who drives the 100 with ARB front and Ducks Unlimited plates, family man, goes to our church....Parked one car away last night and his wife and mine were laughing at us. I told him there was a local club, but he said he didn't have the time for it. Oh well....
Found another one I've spotted on Buffalo Speedway.....what's the likelihood someone puts on a Slee front all the way down here, but doesn't frequent Mud?
I wonder if these people are on Mud? I need more 60 Series around meetings lol
Saw a blue and white 60 off w 43rd just before Ella today.

Also spotted a 40 off Houston ave. by stantons city bites.
Saw this fancy LX in Bellaire Saturday morning
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....was driving wife's RX so I didn't bother giving the nod....

Sorry for the bad pics.

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