SAS Solid Axle Summit 2018

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Oct 16, 2011
Mud members,

SAS #2 is a go and the dates are August 7-11th in Ouray. Same deal as last year, keeping it simple and old school.

We are cutting off at 50 vehicles for the event, but obviously anyone can come and hang since it’s public land.

This year we will be hosting it at the Ouray KOA and we are planning on spending Friday night in the national forest for some star gazing depending on the weather.

We have decided to put in a registration fee of $50 this year which will include a shirt for the driver, sticker and Darrel @The Machinist is working on making grill badges for us..

Here is a link for the KOA campsite: Ouray, Colorado Campground | Ouray KOA
When you book a spot online, make sure that you mention that you are apart of the SAS group in the comment section and they will put us all together.

If you are interested send an email too with your name, what rig you are driving and year, shirt size, state you are driving from and whether or not you plan on staying at the KOA. Also if you want any additional t-shirts for passengers. Nothing wrong with posting up on this thread as well, the email will keep it more organized for us..

McGuire Johnson
87 FJ60
Large shirt

For payments, please send as a gift via PayPal to: Pay Casey Archer using PayPal.Me

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Casey, Jimmy Johnson or myself.

See y’all out there!
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@mcguirejohnson McGuire ♠ TX HJ141


@CenTex60 Jimmy ♠ TX HJ60

@JohnMcVicker John ♠ CA FJ60

@flyboydan Dan ♠ KS FJ60

@rhah Jake ♠ KS FJ60 Trail Leader

@cornboy Bill ♠ OK FJ62

@EasternYeti James ♠ MA FJ60

@Mr Cimarron Cim ♠ TX FJ80

@Jason hansen Jason ♠ UT FJ80 Trail Leader

@4Cruisers John ♠ NM FJ40 Trail Leader

@CaptClose Ryan ♠ TX FJ60

@fl4031003 Jeff ♠ TX LX450 Trail Leader

@Beastiethe70 Maggie ♠ CO BJ70

@Dirtydawg Doug ♠ TX FJ80


@abtx4x4 Steve TX FJ40

@The Machinist Darrel ♠ CA FJ60

@Yackster Zach ♠ TX FJ62

@BombCity Tim ♠ TX FJ60

Matt M Matt ♠ TX FJ60

@ajax1 Ryan ♠ CO FJ80 Tail Leader

@Nooksheener David WA FJ60

@iCruiser Will ♠ KS FJ60

@mesa man Gabriel NM FJ40

@Rockymtnreaper Tucker UT FJ60

@The Eradicator Bydge ♠ MO BJ73

@The Eradicator Charlie ♠ MO 4Runner

@Dixon Santana Dixon TX FJ60

@Cheyenne Trucker Dennis CO FJ40

@offrd63Alec Alec CO FJ40

@cylonfj40nut CD TX FJ80

@DickM Dick CO FJ60

@7058a Chris WA FJ62

@Reznugget Dylan NM FJ40

@Willard David VA FJ60

@4Cruisers John’s son NM FJ60

@dogfishlake Patrick MI FJ40 Sponsor

@ICDFJ40 William CO FJ40

@The Jade Bean Daniel TX BJ70 Sponsor

@FJ73Texas Matt TX PZJ70

@MoJ Jason MO FJ80

@Kleatus Klaus WA FJ62

@97 FZJ80 40th James ♠ TX FJ 80

@RFB Rich MA FJ 80

@lovetoski Doug WA FJ62

@Jason Andrews Jason CO FJ80

@mattressking Nathan ♠ CA FJ60

@xtiaan2000 Christiaan WA FJ55

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Here it is folks. Get after it...
One thing if you could. Please put your Mud username in your email so we can be more accurate head count. I know most of the folks from last year by name. Will be able to do that again this year with new people.
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1985 FJ60 with 1984 BJ60 3B diesel with 5 speed tranny. from Kansas
I'm in, just sent you an email. Bringing the wife this time & tenting. Made on line reservations today at the KOA.
Jason and Monica Hansen
Fzj 80
Large, medium
Moab Utah
Staying at the KOA.
Jim & Mary Arbuckle
We'll be there
registration email sent
Paypal registration fee sent
KOA res made

Many thanks to all involved in organizing this!
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Maggie McDermut
1986 BJ70
Boulder, CO
KOA-Willing to share, I mooched last year so it’s my term to share ;)

Will follow up with an email. So freaking excited!!!
If you have sent funds to the above PayPal email me a conformation please. Nothing has shown up.
Please stand by while I sort this issue.

Payment right now is not absolutly necessary. Just need names at this point.
Thanks, Casey...
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Casey, I have not PayPaled yet. Will do so tonight.

EDIT: PayPaled 1/12/18. Thanks.
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