Soft top roof rack? Anyone..

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Oct 1, 2011
orlando FL.
I need something to support my kayak. Surf boards, paddle boards. With the top off my fj40. Any one have a pic of something. Thanks
The cage has four threaded bungs welded into it. The bikini and soft top have have corresponding
grommets for a bolt to pass through


This is something I built ages ago. From windshield hinges up and over to the back bumper.

It swayed around a fair bit at first, so I added tabs to the top of the w/s and to the back of the tub where the door hinges are.

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Do you more details on yours?
I thought about the direct to roll bar idea but I was concerned that there would be too much flex in the body and the top would tear. I have a MWB truck (bj44)so maybe its worse but for example when I drive over stuff that flexes out the springs I can hear my hard top creaking and moaning and the hood goes way out of alignment.

How much to you figure that the cage itself adds to rigidity? Maybe I'm just thinking about things too much..... wouldn't be the first time!

Mu current plan is hard top soft sides- just to solve this exact issue.

Do you more details on yours?

Not much, only have this other pic of it I think. ( gave it to a buddy 5ish years ago)

Worked great for windsurf boards, usually had a few on there and a basket full of sails.

think it was 1" tubing, had a couple pegs on the back bumper that it slid down over, and then the tabs to the tailgate hinges.

Thanks, gives me a few idea's
I made this last year from square tubing, flat bar and legs from an old BBQ grill.. I had to add two more windshild supports since these pics. I will need to modify it to carry two boats.

Can you give me some up close pics of your roof rack and how you got the bikini top to go with it? I have a metal tech family cage going in and I want to put a rack on top like yours, just a little bigger.


I wish I had a picture, but there was a real nicely restored light green on over in New Smyrna Beach one day a few years ago, had OEM style soft top but it had a roof rack, it was actually attached to the bows trough the soft top, could not see the holes in the top I assume there were nicely finished based on the quality of the restoration. Looked real good.
Here you go. Best I've seen so far. fjeng is building it.
Eshu Elegua has one too...might be in his ROTW thread?
Eshu Elegua has one too...might be in his ROTW thread?

Eshu's rig gets a big thumbs up too. His rack mounts on to the body, right?
LC wizard, i have been looking at something just like that myself. got more pics of your mounting hardware etc?


The way I would do it is with male/female standoffs like this...


Start by drilling and tapping a hole in the roll cage. Then thread in the standoffs and carefully install your soft top. Mark where the standoffs should penetrate the top and then install some type of grommet to fit around the standoff. When the rack wasn't installed, you'd need a fold over flap to cover the grommets or water would come in. Also when neither the rack or the top was on the truck I'd install some bolts into the threaded holes to keep anything from getting inside the roll cage.
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