Seat Belt Replacement

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Aug 9, 2005
Cedar Rapids, IA
Anyone know if I can use the 3rd row seat belts to replace the front seat belts? My PS seat belt is fraying and I am having a hard time finding a nice used brown one. Thanks.
Thanks bro. There have to be a million donor Camrys out there.

I'm going to dig in to the 3rd row belt tomorrow to seed if it is an exact match. I removed the 3rd row seats years ago and just never removed the belts. I've bitched about them being in the way a thousand times, just never taken the 15 minutes to remove them. I have to think that it would be the same belt and tensioner and can just move the whole thing. I'll find out tomorrow. If not, I'll be tracking down a Camry.

Anyone know if the seat belts were the same for a '91 FJ80? My front PS belt is very frayed and I don't have a lot of confidence in it. This could be a good/easy solution
91 and 92 should be the same. FYI, the third row belts don't work. The buckle is different. Still haven't replaced it with a Camry belt yet. It's been cold here. Haha.
I think there are companies out there that will replace the webbing if you send them the belts.
Thanks Darkness. I'll look in to that. If I find anything I will post it.
on my 96 i used the 3rd row. just because the buckle looks different it still plugged in and worked. i unwound the whole thing and swapped the belts between the 2 different tensioners.
Any chance you would briefly describe that process? I have not taken a good look at mine to see what you might mean. I just know I replaced mine with another used one that was supposed to be in better condition and it was no better. $100 down the drain and I am still looking for a solution. I am so tired of feeding my belt back into place. I like the idea that I might already have what I need. Took my third (and second) rows out a long time ago but saved it all.
To return belts to like-new & fully functioning status.

Clean in very hot water, Simple Green (or similar), and a scrub brush. Steam cleaning is even better.
Dry with a towel. Repeat 3 times. Allow to dry fully extended.

Spray with silicone lubricant both sides, install in vehicle and/or retract belt. Spray some more while spooling and unspooling.

Enjoy your "new" belts!
I can't believe it. But I have no reason not to try it. I will do it with the original belt I removed. I would rather have that one back in anyway since it fits better. The changes they made from '91 to '94 are just enough to not fit right.
Safety Restore will reweb them and rebuild the retractors. Did all mine. New on the left old on the right. One thing that could be different can be the "rows" or whatever they are called. They will ask you that when you talk to them. You can see these have 5 rows.
Safety Restore: Seat Belt Repair & Airbag Reset
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That sounds good but it looks like they only deal with cars 1996 and newer (Even though my 1992 is almost exactly the same minus a plastic clip on the upper mount). I see you have a 1996 F80, is that the one you had replaced? The one I have in my truck now is out of a newer model and that clip does not fit correctly around the shoulder adjustment in my '92 (that I do not have in my 1995). Not a huge deal, I just could not put a plastic cover back on because it would not go around the adjustment. But if I can have the old '92 belt replaced since it is old and frayed, I would do that in a heartbeat. Luckily it was still in the trash and I dug it out.
@toadshade, the service linked above is for more modern seat belts with electronics in the retractors. Their re-webbing service is:

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

They do all makes, models and years. They say that the service includes cleaning and restoration of the retractor system so it will tension correctly as well. As of this writing, they charge $75 per belt.
Great! I appreciate that. Looks like they specify classic cars. When I started before, it looked like only newer stuff. I texted them and they said the same thing but I am sure it was just poor communication. This will be great having the original mechanics back in place.
Cruiser804: nice photos; you mentioned the company will ask about ? number
of rows when you call?? The replacement belt has 5 "rows" divided by stitching
and the original has 6. Are you saying there are optional belts (construction) available?
Don't want to step on your question to Cruiser804, but I just sent mine in. Not complicated at all. In my case, I just had them reweb mine. I just simply mailed mine in according to the instructions and they sent it back with the correct webbing (within a couple days). It was easy as it could be.

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