SAS SAS #6 Official Thread Aug 1 - 5 2022

SAS #6 Colors for Shirts and Trail Flags

  • • Capri Blue

    Votes: 9 10.0%
  • • Sky Blue

    Votes: 5 5.6%
  • • Pollux Orange

    Votes: 9 10.0%
  • • Spring Green

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • • Yellow / Mustard

    Votes: 13 14.4%
  • • Freeborn Red

    Votes: 29 32.2%
  • • Rustic Green

    Votes: 21 23.3%

  • Total voters
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TLCA #6928
Nov 30, 2009
Amarillo Tx.
This Year we are Spotlighting the Mighty 60 Series LandCruiser!

Official Solid Axle Summit #6 Dates 08/01/2022 – 08/05/2022

Solid Axle Summit is a loosely organized meet up of any Toyota 4X4 vehicle that is equipped with a Solid Front Axle. Any Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Mini Truck aka Hilux. Anything that has been Solid Axle swapped is welcome also. Our purpose is to get a great group of like-minded Toyota enthusiasts in one spot from all parts of this Mud Community together for one week to do what these vehicles were made to do. Drive several hundred or thousands of miles, wheel some of the most Iconic trails and see amazing scenery from altitudes as high as high as 13,130’ in the majestic San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Then drive them to your next destination.

We will have experienced trail leaders for those of you who are new to the area. Trails will include but will not be limited to Imogene Pass, Alpine Loop, Engineer Pass, Cork Screw Pass, California Pass, Stoney Pass, Governors Basin, Yankee Boy Basin, Animas Forks, Poughkeepsie Gulch and last but not least Black Bear Pass. All the trails we will be leading require a good mechanically sound vehicle, please have your brakes and tires in proper order. All but Poughkeepsie Gulch are easily done with minor lift, good tires and the ability to drive off road. We feel most people that have these old trucks and are willing to drive them here have what it takes to successfully navigate the trails. I can assure you that if you have any issues while in attendance we will have some of, if not the best, group of Mud people with tools and skills to get you back on line.

This is a Family Friendly event, please bring your kids. SAS is a Family Reunion of sorts. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people each year. Pets are welcome as well as long as they are people and other pet friendly. We don’t want you to leave the Fur Kids out of the fun. We do not provide meals so please plan accordingly. KOA Ouray has a restaurant on sight that has breakfast and dinner. The town of Ouray has many places to eat and many trails will have a lunch destination in Silverton, Telluride, Ridgeway or Lake City.

Supplies are readily available also, Groceries, gas, diesel, and there is a well-stocked Ace Hardware on main street. If you can’t attend the whole week please plan on coming anyway. We don’t want to limit your attendance by having a set schedule. The only thing set in stone will be a Group Photo and small raffle on Wednesday night. This allows late arrival or early departure since many have two or three days of travel to get to SAS. Enthusiasm for this event has grown each year and our goal is to keep SAS as “grass roots” as possible. With that in mind, SAS #5 was limited to 75 vehicles and sold out in 2 hours! This year we are once again limiting the event to a maximum of 75 vehicles. When we sell out, a waiting list will be implemented. Please understand that this limitation is to avoid having to apply and pay for expensive permits and other red tape from the local government and municipalities. SAS is a “first come” registration opportunity offered only on the IH8Mud Forum.

Your registration (once confirmed) will be posted on post #2 of this thread. I will keep a waitlist when the max is reached. Waitlist inquiries can be submitted to If a spot becomes available, the next person in line will be offered a spot. A list of attendees will be maintained below this post so you can verify your status. We have learned a few things the past few years, ways to make registration much more efficient on our end. Our new sign up page is located here. SAS 6 Registration Form - The base entry cost is $150, this will include at check in, one event shirt, a trail flag, a swag bag with stickers, grill badge, one raffle ticket, and a few goodies that we are still working on.

We will have a second page in a that will offer additional shirts, hoodies and raffle tickets. Important: Lodging/campsite reservations are NOT included with your online registration. It is your sole responsibility to arrange for your own accommodations for your stay in Ouray. There are many options available, but the Ouray KOA will be the main gathering place once again. Please contact the KOA directly to secure a spot. Be sure to mention that you are with Solid Axle Summit #5 so they can place accordingly. Ridgway, Colorado Campground | Ouray KOA - One of my favorite new traditions is that attendees get to vote on the color of this year’s trail flags and shirts. A poll will be available at the top of the page like last year. Your choices are FJ40 colors, we will remove the previous years color from the list and continue until the list moves to FJ60 colors. So please vote when you register. The poll will be open for as long as it allows.

DON' FORGET TO VOTE at the TOP 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆 👆

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Attending Sponsors: Years attended: ▲ 6 year ♠ 5 year ♥ 4 year ♣ 3 year ♦ 2 year
Classic Cruisers -

Bowfin Cruisers | Michigan, USA -

Aftermarket & Replacement Seat Belts |™ -

Well Built, Finely Tuned, Classic 4 wheel drive - @samc2447

Cruiser Cult - @NookShneer



Red Line Land Cruisers - Parts, Restoration, & Service - Toyota FJ40, FJ55, FJ60, FJ62, FJ80 & More - Red Line Land Cruisers -

Home - CruiserBrothers -

ValleyHybrids – Built to get you Home -

Cruiser Outfitters -

Lennys Grill & Subs – Everybody Deserves Great Food! - Lenny's grill and Subs

Hats this year courtesy of @SoTexCruiserDoc and @kmj64

Delta Vehicle Systems -

What's going on at CruiserMatt's Off-Road - @cruisermatt

Exclusive SAS #6 Bourbon courtesy of @ElviMcCoy

Slee Offroad | Toyota Off-Road Outfitters -

Roof Racks — Gamiviti -

Forrest Tool Company -

Proffitt's Resurrection Land Cruisers – We exist to preserve and enhance the legendary Land Cruiser in a way that nobody else can. -

land cruiser grilles -

Orikawa Panels

Cruiser Convoy -

Solid Axle Vehicle:

FJ40 - 15
HJ45 - 1
FJ60 - 28
FJ62 - 5
HJ61 - 3
HZJ75 - 1
FJ80 - 21
KZJ71 - 1
UZJ 105 - 1
Hilux / Mini - 1

States Represented:
AL - 3
AZ - 1
CA - 10
CO - 15
FL - 2
KS - 3
KY - 2
MO - 1
MS - 1
MT - 1
NC - 1
NM - 2
NY - 2
OH - 1
OR - 1
TN - 1
TX - 20
UT - 3
WA - 6

@mesa man
@Mesa Woman
@John McVicker

Registered Attendees: Years attended: ▲ 6 year ♠ 5 year ♥ 4 year ♣ 3 year ♦ 2 year
@Jason hansen
@Muddy Feet
@Road Apple
@Zachary Gross
@Manitou Decline
@Micheal Brothers
@stephen Rayl
@jeffry Hernandez
@caleb Keller
@Brandon Smith
@Chad Minter

If you are regitered and don't see your name on this list or would like me to change it to your Mud Username please PM me.
Thanks, Casey...
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