Pop-Up Ads getting more intrusive??

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Oct 7, 2011
Austin TX
Am I the only one who is getting the pop-up ads right over the top of what I am trying to see? For instance, I can't see what I am typing right now because of a Ford SuperDuty ad right over the typing box. Also, the ads don't have an X visible to close the ad box.
You probably have some adware on your pc that has nothing to do with this site. It sees you are looking at car related stuff and pops up car related advertising. Download and run a free copy of malwarebytes. That should help.
Stop downloading porn!
I'm getting it to ... Super annoying... Can't read due to advertising covering and no x to get rid of it. No more porn than usual. :)
platypusREX said:
Be for real, no one down loads that stuff. It streams for the two minutes you need it.;)

A whole two minutes eh?
I'm getting the same thing. I do have Norton 360 antivirus on the PC and it will catch all of that stuff, so I'm guessing it might be ads that are missplaced on the site
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Something pays for the site, you should too.

Without them, I have zero chance of tracking down issues....and there is a big difference between "popup" ads and "expanding" ads...knowing what you are really seeing will help too.
Here is a screenshot Mr. Woody. I have been getting these adds a lot recently too. They will cover a post and have no apparant way to close or move them either.
Ih8mud add.jpg
and another..
mud add.jpg
browser and OS please...guessing Win7 and IE8 :)
I have been getting them today also, its like the banner ad opens up too large and interfears with the post. Sometimes the post will not even open. It's this way on two different computers at seperate locations. Same as the screen shots others have posted.
IE9 and Windows 7.

I just ran spybot, it found tracking cookies and removed them but I still have bogus adds. going to run Antivir right now...
I was on two different computers earlier today, one laptop and one desktop, both Win7 and IE9...neither showed any issues.


NOW, no one has mentioned issues when using Chrome or Firefox or Safari (Win or Mac). So...well...that's good....ha
I may have this solved already...

The upper right corner of each of those ads shows something called AdChoices - simply, what used to be Ads by Google.

I've discovered that within my Ad options, I can 'un' select the expandable ads. I've done so, and it "should" be thru the network settings within 24 hours. These expandable ad options are all in Beta mode, and I'm wagering that they are displaying at the bottom of their expandable box, rather than at the top (and out of the way of the page content)

I'll continue to monitor...thanks to all for the patience and assistance :)
Nice work detective Woody! I opened up this thread with Chrome and the add opened up in its corect spot in the empty area above the first post, but the same thread in IE9 has the adds placed down lower over the text. Sounds to me like what you were talking about. Sweet!

And thanks for the website... :cheers:
I've been having the same problem. The issue is that the advertising banner above the first post is too low on the page and blocks out the title and some of the rest of the page. It seems like it must be a simple issue to correct.

Runnin IE8 on Windows Vista.

See attached screen shot:

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