Need Advice on Market Value - 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

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Dec 19, 2014

I need some advice on how much a 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 goes for in today's market.

The car is located in CA and has 77K Original Miles.

Clean Title
3 Speed Manuel Transmission
In 1988 the original motor was replaced with a small block V8 (15K miles on current motor)
The car also features an additional 15 gallon gas tank
Custom front and rear bumpers with a connection for a tow bar in the front and a custom built motorcycle rack in the back

I see some diamond plate in the corners. Any way to tell how much rust it has? Contrary to popular believe, California Cruisers also have rust.
Seats aren't stock, likely filler under paint, likely rust under the black checker plate, lights are messed with, bezel is upside down, 4 wheel drum brakes.

3-5k if frame is solid... Best guess.
there is very little rust. is it really worth 3-5k? I see a bunch of them going for $10,000-$40,000
I'm betting on hidden rust. Most view SBC to devalue. It's been pretty molested. Checker plate over rust prone areas likely is hiding rust. Stock 3 speed is marginal behind a SBC. Most conversions being sold are mickeymoused or poorly done.

Rust free... <10k.
You're new to this. Simply, that pink truck is not very original in lots of ways.
It is what it is, and may satisfy your needs; however, it should not come close to what a non-molested truck usually sells for.
Really? NO ONE mentions the COLOR as a price issue?

I've been seeing this cruiser on ebay for a while, now. There's a reason it's not selling.

(we were typin' at the same time!)
You would have to find THE buyer for that truck. More pictures would be required. I say anywhere between 3k and 8k is what i would pay if i really wanted a pink cruiser
3-5k most I would go and I would then plan the same amount to get it looking like an fj40 again. Then you're into mechanical needs which I figure 2k for any older truck you buy. So that gets you in the 10-12k ballpark range for a running, decent looking fj40.
I'm in the $3K-$5K range as well.

I just don't see anything (so far) that says it's worth more.

I'm not a fan of the stock engines, but as bikersmurf points out a considerable percentage of the engine conversions are poorly done. My feeling is a well done conversion (which would mean at least a four speed transmission as well) would increase the value of the vehicle. However a Bubba and Billy Bob effort would be a major negative.
Non OEM chevy mirrors, huge holes drilled in roof, rubber fender flares, goofy weird rear bumper thing, and the aforementioned bezel, you don't say what the v8 is, 3-speed behind a v8 is bad news (Speaking from experience), etc.

C'mon man... seriously. Yeah there's $40,000 FJ40s out there (there's $70,000 ones, too!) but this ain't one of them. NONE of the are pink, either. If you're serious about selling it, get out your tools and fix some of the egregious errors on this. And expect a huge price hit for the color.
I wonder how they butchered the lower bench to make room for the passenger seat while keeping the middle with the fuel vapor recovery plumbing :hmm:

the pink wouldn't be as much of a deterrent for me, I already drive the pink panties
It's what is known as "molested". In addition to what has been mentioned, the painted fiberglass top, all the extra racks, the extra lights on the aprons and at the rear of the hard top, the ugly front bumper, street tires and the jeepish spare tire cover.

Is that center console just sitting on the middle seat? WTF? What's up with the short-ass little shifter?

The biggest issues are the color and the holes drilled in the roof for the lights.

With just a little work, I can imagine some pink-loving surfer chick buying this to drive around for about $5k. As is? Less.

If it really has 77k miles, it's even more of a shame about the color and the V8. It's a good candidate for a SOA resto-mod, but I'd want to get it for about $4k.

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