Larger bore clutch master?

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Sounds like you might have a 'heavy duty' pressure plate, like I had once. I used bofe feet to depress clutch.
i remember reading about using a pre 70's 3 bolt brake master for the clutch master... the older brake master will have a larger bore... you may want to search for this info.... or....

maybe somebody can confirm using it as such
Sounds like the appropriate time for an automatic.

Actually enquiring for someone else who has medical issues with his knees. He's not driving his 40 because the clutch is causing him too much grief.
A larger bore and more pedal stroke might get you easier clutching. Would require moving the master up some in the pedal bucket. Could also use a small brake booster but you would have to fab a long bracket to get it infront of the brake booster.
Actually, the larger bore will make it harder to depress the pedal. A smaller bore will make it easier to depress, but you'll get less volume of liquid movement, so it may or may not fully disengage.
Some vehicles have a boosted clutch. It might be worth looking into a retrofit in the case of a medical issue.

You could also use a 'single line' Lockheed remote brake servo... It's a power booster that hooks to vac and your line goes in and then out increasing the power... No pedal hookup needed

They are used in Leyland vehicles... Toyota also had a version of these external power boosters for use on the land cruisers for upgraded brakes

Pic1 is the Lockheed on a triumph spitfire

Pic2 is an external booster next to the clutch behind the air cleaner hoses of the hot rod offenhouser modded land cruiser

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Think later stock is 3/4 use that . earlier is 13/16. look into a larger slave cylinder . don't know those sizes but another make or model Toyota may work. There is plenty of travel. I've readjusted all my linkage to work near the floor so I don't have to raise my knee. Its fine so you should b able to change to larger slave but just need to keep closer more frequent adjustments.

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