For Sale KY: FJ40 2F Rebuilt Head - 61031 Casting

Sep 28, 2018
Lexington, KY
I have a freshly rebuilt 2F Head for sale that is ready to go for someone's domed piston 2F build.

All work on the rebuild was done by Kennedy Performance here in Lexington, KY. (I can furnish the receipt verifying the work done to the buyer or prospective buyers). The following list was completed:

Cleaned and Magnafluxed
Valve job with new OEM valve seals
Resurface cylinder head
Install all new expansion plugs

Once the block was picked up I had it shot in Satin Black Hi-temp Engine enamel and installed allen head plugs from JimC where the air rail previously went.

Any questions feel free to ask. $550 picked up in Central KY or you cover shipping to your door from 40511.

Here is a shot of the head once it was cleaned and resurfaced at Kennedy Performance. I'll grab some pictures of it as it sits now and get those added.
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