1. NookShneer

    For Sale 2F Smog Pump Eliminator Bracket

    ManaFre smog pump eliminator pulley. Run for a short time (500 miles) before getting swapped out for a second alternator. $165 shipped in the lower 48. Same one as here: FJ40 FJ60 Air Pump Eliminator Air Pump Idler Pulley for 2F Engines 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 SKU...
  2. S

    For Sale 1985 2F Engine Complete

    1985 FJ60 2F Complete Running Engine: $750 obo In So Cal (Santa Barbara area) 184k miles Pulled the 2F out of my 1985 FJ60 for V8 swap. Engine runs well, compression was right at 150psi for all six cylinders. Has aftermarket headers and has been desmogged. I am willing to ship. Includes...
  3. S

    Parting Out Fj60 part out- SLC ut

    Hey y’all, I’ve got a 1985 fj60 for part out. So far, the items I’ve sold are : fuel injection system, dash cap, stock carb, rear seatbelts , back seat, headlight bezels (the new ones) window crank handles Pull handle inside rear window. Everything in the photos is still for sale, but if...
  4. S

    For Sale Chevys

    Mods please delete post.
  5. AlexMoore91

    For Sale Toyota FJ40 Parts & Tub

    (2) Front Doors: $350/pair (includes new inner panel, needs some work on rusty bottoms, includes key that works with lock, windows work) (5) Door hinges: **SOLD** (2) Barn Doors: **SOLD** (2) OEM Wheels (Never used): **SOLD** (2) Rusty Fenders: $100/pair (1) Ambulance Door (Rusty bottom): $100...
  6. grokking

    Wanted Dual Vacuum Advance for 1985 FJ60

    I have a nice re-curved dizzy from Jim C, but the primary advance vacuum port leaks, so no advance and a vacuum leak if I leave it hooked up. So of course it is just capped now. I am looking to purchase a working dual vac advance to replace that part. If anyone has a part, or a lead on a part...
  7. Ben Brittain

    Wanted 3F or 2F engine

    looking for a 3f engine for my FJ62, wouldn’t be opposed to a 2F. Really want to get my cruiser back on the road so Please let me know what you have! I’m in north Texas and would prefer not to have to ship if possible. Willing to drive quite a ways though! Thanks!
  8. lavapokey

    Parting Out Resume selling FJ60/62 Parts

    Over the past year I moved so was pretty unresponsive to selling parts, but my move has settled down and I still have lots of parts I need to sell. Here's a copy of my current Craigslist ad. Let me know what you need and I will let you know availability and get you photos. You can also check...
  9. Not a Tumor

    Water pump belt after De-smog

    I've recently purchased an 87 FJ60 to use as an engine donor for my 72 FJ40. My question is.. Is there a solution for driving the water pump after the air pump and A/C compressor have been removed?
  10. D

    1977 Land Cruiser FJ40 Restoration

    Well after many years and my own budget restoration attempts, I've finally decided to get our 1977 FJ40 to a body shop for a real restoration. Here are the pics of what it looked like when I dropped it off...
  11. leucadiacruiser

    For Sale Rebuilt 2F alternator San Diego $120

    Just had this rebuilt by Richer Electric in Oceanside. Warranty transfers with the sticker on the alternator. Denso parts inside. I'll cover tax. Local pickup. $120 takes it. Thanks for looking!!
  12. 1978freebornred

    For Sale 2f engine parts and crankshaft for sale

    I took both my stock 2f long blocks to be rebuilt and one had a cracked block and was otherwise rebuildable I'll be selling the internals of that one. cruiser corps wants 700 for a used crank, I don't have overhead so make me an offer. start at 500? I should have a usable cam as well 100?, one...
  13. Ryanagriffin

    Advice on 1st time swapping engines (2F in '76 FJ40)

    Just got this beauty from Whirlybird and will be bringing her home soon. Current 2f is seized up and I have another from an FJ60 that I'll be dropping in. This will be my second FJ40 restore but the first that I'm going to try to do as much of the mechanical myself as possible and take my time...
  14. Totheredline

    For Sale 1983 2F Part out

    uo for sale is my 1983 2F. This engine was running great before removed. It leaked a little bit but didn’t smoke or knock. willing to trade parts or the whole engine for bumpers, roof racks, a trollhole carburetor or a winch. Shoot me offers
  15. SgtChase

    Wanted 2f Block

    all i need is a 2f block from an fj60 that was known to be running with minimal miles, preferably a seller in north texas or a few hours from it. if anyone can help me out with leads that'd be great, my fj60 is my daily and only transportation so i need it asap
  16. Broc2C

    What is needed to replace f with 2f in '72 fj40

    I've scoured threads here and on Pirate and can't determine the answer to the following question in absolute: Will a (pre 1979) 2F replace an F engine in a 1972 fj40 without modifying the 3 speed transmission? Does it share the same transmission bolt patterns, engine mount location. I am aware...
  17. AlexMoore91

    For Sale 1976 Toyota 2F

    Came out of a 76 FJ55. All parts included are pictured. Manifold, Bell housing, Weber Carb, pump, Dizzy, etc. I never ran the engine because of electrical issues but I got it to turn over by jumping the starter before engine was pulled. Was told it was a strong engine by previous owner until...
  18. gregnash

    FJ60 rebuilt carb high idle...

    Ok so this is an on-going saga that has been happening with BeBe since I rebuilt the top end in 2015/2016. She is a 85 FJ60 with the original 2F in her, desmogged when I first got her due to the smog pump being seized. Issue: - Truck will idle high after it has warmed up. Talking between...
  19. P

    For Sale Pertronix 1665a and Flame Thrower Coil NIB. 2f

    For sale is a pertronix 1665a HEI conversion, and a matching 3 ohm flame thrower coil. Never used. $75 shipped for the pair. (Located in Wisconsin) I dont get on here much, so please text me at 908-872-7575
  20. F

    Engine crooked

    Interesting development. I just dropped in the stock rebuilt 2f into my 87’ FJ60 and noticed it is sitting crooked. At an angle. The motor mounts went in just as I took them out. It seems the front of the engine is sitting closer to the driver side which makes it noticeable. There’s only so much...
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