1. 1

    Parting Out  Phoenix: FJ60 part out

    I bought this 60 with the intention of restoring it however the frame is shot and with all the costs I’m better off just buying one. I literally have the entire car in my garage stripped down. I bought the wagon pretty cheap so I’m hoping just to recover what I can. Not trying to get rich off...
  2. js0k

    SOLD  2F/3FE Valve/Rocker Adjustment Screws

    Hey, was wondering if anyone has any 2F/3FE (for 3FE but they look the same) valve adjustment screws and nuts kicking around that they’d sell. Can’t seem to find any and I ruined a couple while freeing up stuck lifters.
  3. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    I am starting a build/enigine swap on a ‘82 FJ60. It has a strong running 2F. The transmission shifts weird from 2nd :1st, more on this if you call. But I’ll throw in everything that is hooked to the motor, fan to transfer case. It brings me pain to let it go, I believe the 2F is the greatest...
  4. houstonfj40

    1976 2F carb question

    So I have a 76 where the carb has the return fuel line. I have now desmogged the truck and the carb needs rebuilt. I have one of the good CityRacer carbs I can put on the truck. I/we assume that the return line can just be plugged? CityRacer carb only has the fuel line in. I know, Sniper, but...
  5. J

    '83 FJ40 Survivor - Variable Engine Starting Issue - Suggestions?

    Sometimes my U.S. '83 FJ40 starts right up, and sometimes I have to re-charge the battery multiple times before it will start. It is in northern Michigan, but it doesn't matter if the temperature is 90 F in the summer or 10 F in the winter. Sometimes it starts right up. Sometimes I have to...
  6. bigboiimigel

    For Sale  1985 White FJ60 for sale

    Howdy Mudders, I am selling my 1985 TLC FJ60 that I've had for a couple of years. This has been my project vehicle. Minimal Rust. Located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The car spent most of its life in the Colorado Desert. Vehicle - 1985 FJ60 Land Cruiser Mileage - 258,889.7 Color- White...
  7. DenaliJames

    Trouble getting lifter out of 2F

    Cylinder 1 lifter is believed to be collapsed at the bottom where it meets the cam lobe. Looking for input on how to remove as it seems to be stuck. Will move freely until a certain point (about 3/4" exposed) and then will not move further. There's room to get channel locks etc. on it but no...
  8. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - Coolant / Heater Union (9/73-9/83 / 40 & 55 Series according to SOR)

    Used union assembly from a 78 2F. Sandblasted clean and ready for your paint. $38 shipped in the 48 Paypal Friends & Family drake.m@phoenixdyno.com
  9. Dumpolina

    For Sale  Alb, NM: FJ60 2F Bare block

    NO SHIPPING LOCAL ONLY Bare 2F block. Stored outside under cover. From an FJ60, unknown year. I know nothing more about it. Several other components, brackets also... best to come look at the pile, I don’t know what it all is. $50 No head
  10. Phenx60bruiser

    2F sale price

    I’m tearing into my 87’ FJ60 and planning on doing a V8 swap. I looking at selling the 2F but don’t know what to ask for it. I saw some pretty obnoxious prices online for them. What did you guys pay for one/what do you think is a fair price. 205k All original
  11. FJ60L83

    For Sale  Seattle WA - 8/86 FJ60 Parts - 2F w/ AFI TBI setup +++

    All items for sale are from a 8/86 FJ60. I'm not sure what to charge for most of this, so make offers... I would like to unload as many of these parts at one time as I can. I really don't have time to sell it piece by piece, so make me a offer, chances are I'll say yes. I also really need the...
  12. Runnin On Empty

    Best Manifold Sealing Options?

    Ok LC Gurus, Here’s the deal, I’m putting my freshly rebuilt 1975 2F back together and I need my headers to seal up right this time. I’ve always had trouble getting a correct seal on the intake and headers (at least since my dad put headers on it when he owned it). At the advice of my mechanic...
  13. C

    For Sale  Austin TX, 1983 FJ60 2F motor, running when pulled for 350 swap

    1983 FJ60 2F (carb) Motor, plus take off bits for sale. Located in Kyle, TX. I would prefer local pickup vs shipping, but will work with a serious buyer. Nothing wrong with the motor as far as I can tell, have video of it running in place. 190K miles. Unknown history on the motor, I would...
  14. samatulich

    Respect the 40

    A few weeks ago my brother (@GEMatulich) and I drove from Olympia Washington to Eagle River Alaska. We were in a 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 that our mom bought new in ‘76. Our parents drove the cruiser through South America between 1977 and 1978. Growing up they would tell us stories of...
  15. masperk


  16. masperk

    SOLD  sold

  17. jralph125

    For Sale  Orlando, FL - 1979 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

    I'm selling my US spec 1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser. Motor and drive train are all original as far as I know and work like new. Transmission and transfer case were both just rebuilt and I had the head and valves done last year. HEI distributer, electric fuel pump, manual steering box new last year...
  18. J

    For Sale  2F Engine for Sale

    I have a 2F engine for sale from a 1987 FJ60. Last known mileage from CarFax is 208K. Compression tested at 150 to 155 PSI on all six cylinders. Does need work on crankshaft snout which was quoted by Willamette Blvd service station at $500. Asking $400 OBO. Can provide compression video on...
  19. Borrego

    Builds  Lumpy the LandCruiser

    Hey fellow MUD members. This is a LONG read, so for those of you who endure it, thanks! I’ve posted here and there before, but not a ton. So this is a first attempt at documenting what I’ll call my FJ60 Revitalization. Mainly just freshening up 32 years of use, some neglect, and detailing the...
  20. Vintagevibes

    For Sale  OEM P/S Pump 2F FJ60

    Leaky OEM Power Steering pump with pulley. Removed from an 85 FJ60. The “Toyoda” cap seems to be a hot item, so here it is. $80 + shipping for pump w/ cap, $50 + shipping for cap only.
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