1. I

    For Sale 1983 toyota land cruiser fj45 LHD gasoline

    Landcruisermart.com presents to you a 1983 toyota land cruiser fj45 LHD gasoline 2f engine Price in nicaragua usd 8500 plus my comission 25 % of vehicle sale price plus shipping Pics:
  2. Yakub

    Sink Creek

    Hello everyone, I have browsed this forum for a while but this is my first time posting. My Dad bought a 1980 FJ40 in 2018 not running and let it sit for a year. One day he told me that if I could get it running it would be mine to drive. So I called my Grandpa up and we got into it, ended up...
  3. R

    For Sale San Diego: 2F Engine Starter

    Nothing wrong with it- just upgraded as part of my partial rebuild project. Owned for 2 years and never had an issue with it. Came off an ‘85 model. Asking $150 plus shipping or local pick-up.

    Wanted Crankshaft for 78 2f

    Looking for a useable crankshaft for a 78 FJ40 2F. Machine shop said mine was bent .040. I'm located in Washington state. Thanks for any help. (I am open to buying another 2f engine if there is any out there.) Thanks
  5. qrob

    Wanted Fj40 engine hunting

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  6. qrob

    Wanted Searching for engine and transmission

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  7. 606cruiser

    SOLD UPDATED WITH COMPRESSION FIGURES: 1983 53k mile 2F complete

    For sale: 1983 53k mile 2f complete with all smog equipment, accessories and clutch still affixed including coil and igniter. Pulled out of a running truck for a swap. Ran fine on the choke, wouldn’t idle without, so plan on a carb overhaul and tuneup. Clean oil and recent filter truck was...
  8. StinkyPig

    SOLD F/2F Header, New unused

    Below is a TRI-MIL Header which I bought new. It was bare steel and I hit it with hi-temp fiz can to keep it from rusting. The project went a different route and it needs a Home. $200 and free shipping in the Lower 48 States.
  9. houstonfj40

    SOLD TEXAS - 1984 FJ60 H55 "Craiggy" Price Update

    “Craiggy” appeared in Houston August 7th, 2016 with 208753 miles. She was a mostly unmolested 1984 Beige FJ60 with Brown interior and has stayed that way. She had a past, most spent in CA and PNW. You can still find past “for sale” post with her history. I was looking for the most rust free...
  10. Vanlej04

    For Sale Suamico, WI 1975 FJ40 Chassis with Title

    Hello, I have a 75 FJ40 Chassis that includes the 2F motor and 4spd trans/transfer case. I’ve got the title as well. Please let me know if your interested or have any other questions. Asking $1800 OBO I do have a tractor to push it on a trailer. Thanks
  11. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F & 3F intake & exhaust valves kit

    Description: 6 pcs Intake valves & 6 pcs exhaust valves P/N: 13715-61020 13711-60021 Condition: NOS Fitment: 2F & 3F engines Price: $199.99 Shipping: DHL $29.33 Payment: PayPal
  12. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F engine Oil Filter Bracket W/Oil Cooler

    Description : Oil Filter Bracket W/Oil Cooler + Free OEM Gasket P/N: 15609-61020 Condition: NOS Without Carton QTY. 2 pcs Fitment: 2F & 3F engine https://www.toyodiy.com/parts/xref?s=15609-61020&mU=on&mE=on&mJ=on&mG=on Price: $150.00 Shipping: Express EMS $50.40 Payment: PayPal
  13. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F & 3F engine Oil Filter Bracket W/O Cooler + gasket

    Description : Oil Filter Bracket W/O Cooler + Gasket P/N: 15609-61020 15691-60010 Condition: NOS QTY. 🎈1 Sold and 2 remaining 🎈 Fitment: 2F & 3F engine Without Oil Cooler https://www.toyodiy.com/parts/xref?s=1560961020&mU=on&mE=on&mJ=on&mG=on Price: $120.00 per each & the gasket for Free...
  14. MSP1989

    For Sale 2F & 3F engine Flywheel Gear

    Description : Flywheel Gear P/N: 1345360010 Condition: NOS QTY. 3 Fitment: 2F & 3F engine https://www.toyodiy.com/parts/xref?s=1345360010&mU=on&mE=on&mJ=on&mG=on Price: $100.00 per each Shipping: 1. Dhl worldwide $29.33 for 1 pcs. 2. Express EMS $50.40 for 2pcs or more.
  15. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ40 NOS parts for sale

    Hey there I’m new member here , I have some NOS parts for sale , please PM if you are interested
  16. A

    For Sale Ignition assembly/coil

    Complete coil and ignition assembly for 75-76 2f systems. Works good. $75 plus shipping.
  17. N

    For Sale 1983 FJ60 Land Cruiser Salt Lake City, Utah 155k original miles Clean Title

    1983 Toyota Land Cruiser 155k Truck currently lives in Utah at 7k ft 12,500 OBO I bought this as a project and started with the mechanics… unfortunately some medical issues/bills are forcing me to sell. Runs and drives wonderfully I drive it everyday. Link to Photos! Land Cruiser FJ60 The...
  18. Spino

    Idle speed for 2F w/ Weber

    Hi folks. I’ve been gradually getting my desmogged FJ60’s Weber carb jetted after living with a vacuum leak for too long. Here’s the question, briefly: What is the preferred idle speed for a 2F engine? There seem to be a range of answers out there. I’m not sure if the general Weber tuning spec...
  19. Swampfox58

    For Sale 1977 Land Cruiser FJ55 Florence SC

    Classic 1977 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser: (If you're looking for a garage queen stop reading now.) Runs and drives GREAT! All original 2F in-line six cylinder,4 speed transmission . This Iron Pig came from California (hence the front plate) and still has the original CA emission package. Upgrades...
  20. Dakotan

    SOLD 2f block, flywheel and bell housing from 84 FJ60

    Hi Just pulled a block out and would like to sell asap. Pick up in Glendale, CA Block has worn bearings and needs a rebuild. Comes with oil pump, timing gears, oil pan. Block $60 Flywheel $60 Bellhousing $75
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