1. SteveH

    SOLD  CO: 1982 Fj60 carburetor - no jets, otherwise complete

    This is a 1982 FJ60 carburetor that has had the jets removed. I was present when it was taken off the truck, and watched another guy carefully remove the jets for a project. It is otherwise complete, as seen in the photos. Lots of great parts, or install jets and run it. It has been boxed in my...
  2. DanS HJ-45

    For Sale  NM: 1984 FJ60

    The Good Runs great. Drives great. Rides like a dream. Is a Land Cruiser. The Bad Does not look like Megan Fox. Has some rusty bits. Current wife does not appreciate truck's connection to previous wife. Details 1984 FJ60 241,350 miles Stock 2F/H42 4 speed transmission/34mm split T-case Front...
  3. ksafin

    Wanted  Looking for a 2F ('86 FJ60)

    Hey all, The 2F on my 1986 FJ60 decided it was time to go - total loss. Looking for a 2F to replace it with, or any pointers for where to best find one. Ideally seeking one with known mileage and history. Thanks!

    For Sale  Helena, Montana: 2f gaskets and more....

    I've got a variety of gaskets and other parts I have no need for. Rebuilding your 2f soon? You will need these parts. Selling as a lot but including individual part prices so you know what a good deal you are getting. Prices in red, handwritten on the labels are references from...
  5. greenEFSI

    Trade  WTT: Downey/Marks Standard 2F Header for Downey/Marks CA 2F Carb Legal Header

    As the title states, I am looking to trade (only) my standard downey/marks header for a ca spec downey/marks header. Preferably in socal or surrounding areas. Offer is still vaild if this post is up! Example:
  6. D

    2F Brake Booster Upgrade

    is this brake booster an appropriate upgrade for the 1977 2F original? Thanks for any help.
  7. Highrlr

    2F health questions....what to do?

    I purchased a used '78 2F to install in my '67. I purchased it in conjunction with some other parts, I've not heard it run, it was apparently rebuilt about 10 years ago, but has been out of the vehicle, and not ran in a few years. It appears to be really clean, inside and out. I ran a...
  8. K

    78 2f distributor disassembly

    Hello! For reasons I will not disclose, I’d like to replace the bottom distributor housing. Hah! Has anyone taken a dizzy apart—I haven’t looked at doing it yet but anyone who has done it—any tips? Thanks! Kris
  9. C

    2F Fuel Pump in FJ40 - Mechanical vs. Electronic

    Last weekend we put in a new sending unit. The FJ cranked right up and and drove around no problem. This weekend we were doing some more work on the suspension and we could not get it to crank. We are not getting any fuel from the fuel pump up to the carb. We pulled the air filter off the...
  10. KC masterpiece

    SOLD  2f Carb Hat / Non US FJ 60 Air intake

    Looking for a 2F carb hat or ideally a complete non us air intake assembly from fender to carb. Thanks,
  11. Rix 45

    For Sale  So. Cal. Genuine Toyota 2F Engine Repair Manual

    Used Clean Good Condition $15.00 +$10.00 ship lower 48
  12. PabloCruise

    Vacuum Line at Carb Question

    I searched, yes, I searched. Before that I looked all through my Emissions Manual. 1978 (Sep '77 build date) Fed Spec 40. I had someone else under the hood for some work (film at 11) and they left a few vacuum lines disconnected. My question - where does this port - see blue arrow - connect...
  13. hey you

    Wanted  SoCal. FJ40 California spec, 2F, Carburetor.

    I'm looking for a rebuildable California spec carburetor for my stock 2F. (Toyota 21100-61073).
  14. Last Flight Out

    2F side panel removal/gasket install

    I’ve done some searching for the subject and found some good information, but can anybody verify that you can replace the gasket for the 2F side panel with the engine in place and not disconnect coolant lines (just the brackets), and not the dizzy? I know it may be fiddly to slide up and out...
  15. Masonblackmon

    Where to get a new 2F motor??

    So I have a 1986 fj60 that I really love. The interior has been dynamatted and all the upholstery has been done. However I went to drive it yesterday and smoke was just pouring out of the tailpipe. I got out and checked and sure enough there’s oil buildup in the tailpipe. I had been planning on...
  16. Boynepark76

    SOLD  Rebuilt 2F Head (Casting 61040, from 1985 engine)

    Rebuilt with new guides, seats and plugs. Ready to go. Selling b/c I got the engine to rebuild but found out it had a cracked block. $650 and buyer pays shipping, CONUS only
  17. Boynepark76

    For Sale  1985 2F parts: EGR system, coil, distr, and other

    These all came off a running 1985 2F engine (FJ60) that thru a rod. I was going to rebuild the engine, but the block was cracked... Buyer pays shipping CONUS only: EGR system -- Various, LMK what parts you want and we can work out a price EGR vacuum pipes and all the rest — $100 EGR Cooler w/...
  18. wscruiser

    Parting Out  Thomasville, GA 3 Rolling chassis, two with tubs, one with 2f and 3speed.

    3 FJ40 rolling chassis for sale in Thomasville, GA One roller has a 2F and 3 speed. Another has tub, windshield frame/good glass. The third has tub, top sides, good glass, rear hatch.
  19. wscruiser

    Parting Out  Thomasville, GA

    3 FJ40 rolling chassis for sale in Thomasville, GA One roller has a 2F and 3 speed. Another has tub, windshield frame/good glass. The third has tub, top sides, good glass, rear hatch.
  20. D

    Novice FJ60 2F rebuild after the block was reconditioned. almost ready to start it... what have I forgotten?

    This was a few weeks ago. As of today I have everything back in. Just got to connect the hoses and cables, add fluids and prime the oil... I think. I adjusted the rockers/valves to spec. Shop that did the block recommended Lucas 20-50 hot rod oil for the break in. How soon should I re-tighten...
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