JDM 80 rear spoiler install

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Sep 25, 2015
Hi guys,

Most of you probably have US spec 80's and I noticed that most don't have the rear spoiler. My JDM 80 didn't come with one but I bought one to install. Has anyone had history with these. It looks as though I don't have to drill holes.
Could you post up photos of the spoiler, do you have a part number?
Exactly the same as attached.

Exactly the same as attached.

View attachment 1992321
You dont drill any holes, the clips go on the edge of the top hatch and then get bolted to the wing, once centered and your happy with how it fits all around you pull the tape cover off and apply pressure to stick it down. Proper prep with alcohol pads of the painted surface is critical for the 2 faced tape to bond long term, Might even use a 3m adhesive promoter.
Man you lucked in cause every time i look theres nothing did you type in some secret key words? lol
Make sure if you buy one that you get the mounting brackets... I spent something like $300 on one and the guy didn't include the mounting brackets so it is just sitting in storage. lol.
Thank you for the heads up! No drilling necessary correct? just brackets and 3M?
Got mine from Russia on ebay. Mounting brackets and screws arrived, no nuts.
Is this an oem part? If so, who can order one for US based owners with all the right parts included?

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