It finally got here

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May 3, 2009
Tuscaloosa Ala
Well my new toy got here From utah sat. night. its a 74 but has some newer parts on it.(bibb, bezel, doors ,windshield frame). has a 350 SBC,sm465, saginaw ps, 4in lift, rancho 9000 shocks and some other odds and ends. has some rear sill rust but not bad. need a rear lift gate handle and latch and a right side running board, but I still think its pretty good for $2500. It amazes me in the diffrence in rust from a east coast and west coast rig.
Tuscaloosa is gettin' to be a home for more and more 40's:beer:
how did you end up gettting it to you?
I'd have to say by the pics, you got one helluva good deal. Congrats.
how did you end up gettting it to you?
had it hauled in. Drove it to work today and afterwods to to the tag place and showed them the bill of sale....they didnt even go look at it, just said "That will $23.50 please for the tags". So now its an Alabama 40. :) gotta order my winch bumper and put my 8472 on.
Very nice rig for $2500 by the looks of it.
I've got someone interested in a rig I have for sale here in California and he's in Texas....would you mind telling me how much it cost you to ship from west coast to Alabama? Thanks.....
$700. from door to door. Yours should be alot cheaper. I googled car transporters and one you fill in the info and the companies email you with prices. ... this one
Well I was straightening out some wiring issues the PO did and deciced to check the 4WD out. Man , ...what on earth do you need a low gear that low for! ? in low range and that first gear granny I can walk faster than it goes. Going to the junk yard tommorow to find a fan shrod and some bucket seats.
Ron , you got a great deal for $2500. I have seen junk on e-bay for much more. Shipping cost was not bad either .
Can you take some more pics of the interior? Sure looks a lot like my old cruiser.
Interior is a mix. Has a truck bench seat (changing to buckets) dash is original baby blue. try to get some more pics but its pouring outside right now.

What resource did you use to find such a nice rig for such a sweet price?
My uncle out in Utah bought one all original from a guy and he also had this one so he sent me some pics and told him to buy it.

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