I'm back in the game!!

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Feb 17, 2004
North Augusta, South Carolina
Well guys it didn't take long for me to find another FJ40 to replace the void left in my life by selling my 77 :grinpimp: . I came across a 1962 FJ40 in the high desert west of Reno, NV and couldn't pass up on it. It is very clean and original; the only down sides are the original bench seat is gone as is the aisin carb. but besides that is isn't bad. The best part is it is from the high desert so the body is really solid, with the exception of the rear seal which will need to be replaced it is rust free!!! I don't have any pics of it at the moment :doh: I will try to get some up here in the next couple of days.

I hope everyone is doing well I look forward to getting back to the Upstate and wheeling with you guys :cheers:

Very cool JP....glad to hear that you picked up another 40. can't wait to see the picks.
Congrats man, knew you couldn't stay out of the game for long!!

At least those Toyota pay checks went right back into the best Toyota ever made!! :D
Good score, JP. With this be a Hard40 resto or a built-up trail truck?

Hope all is well out on the trail.


That's one old cruiser... my age!

Can't wait to see pics!
I can't wait to see it... If you want you can ship it to your sister's house and i will be more than happy to drive it for you till you get back ;)
Thanks for the warm welcome back guys :cheers:

this will def. be a restoration rig, I want to keep it completely stock except for I think I am going with a 2.5" OME lift so I can run those skinny 34" TSL's again........ I will get some pics up in a little bit you guys are going to love the exhaust and hardtop on this one :grinpimp:
JP told me the guy ghettofied the hardtop and put sliding windows or something in it. But I'm sure he'll find a new corrugated top.
well it did have those corrugated side....... the PO did sided to put in sliding windows instead:mad: no worries though I will find some new one down the road.

here is the pic....... feel free to take pot shots at the exhaust system :grinpimp:
feel free to take pot shots at the exhaust system :grinpimp:

Ya know, with a snorkel on the other side, that Peterbilt exhaust system may be less noticeable. :rolleyes:

Looks pretty good, JP. Nice candidate for a resto. :cheers:
PTO? nice find JP

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