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Mar 5, 2008
San Diego
I've decided that it was time to upgrade to 5.29 and Detroit lockers last week. Gave Lance a call at Iron Pig and this is what was waiting for me at my front door the next day. Thanks to Lance and his crew at Iron Pig, great and quick service. Now just can't wait to install the parts and take the truck out on some harder trails.
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nice...very nice. detroit looks pretty beefy compared to the aussie
The truck has been at Barns Fabrication in San Marcos since Saturday, the install should be done Wednesday. Can't wait to test out the Detroit lockers.
Detroits are by far the beefiest lockers you can buy.... Just the price of the Aussie makes it so favorable.
If you don't mind, could you give me a ball park $$ on the 5.29 and aussie (not that I am price comparing). More than $1k?


If you don't mind, could you give me a ball park $$ on the 5.29 and aussie (not that I am price comparing). More than $1k?



For the Sierra 5.29 and Detroit locker you should give Lance a call at Iron pig. I'm sure he will give you the exact price. As for the Aussie I have no clue because I did not go with Aussie locker.
I've heard nothing but good about the Aussie Locker. I'm installing one this week...
I think the major differences between the Aussie and Detroit are:

1. Price
2. Looks like the Detroit replaces the entire carrier (someone correct me if I'm wrong). The Aussie replaces only the spider gears.
Mine has an aussie in the rear, the PO put it in a few years back.

Still going strong on 37's. No complaints here. :)
The Aussie is essentially a Lockrite.

The reason it works in an 80 is the 80 carrier is plenty strong. It a much weaker axle like typically found in Jeeps, you wouldn't even talk about a Detroit and a Lockrite in the same sentence in regards to strength.

I would go Detroit for the rear axle in a hardcore application hands down, even if I daily drove it. Auto lockers in a rear axle in a AWD/auto setup are very low impact in daily driving, and the strength and reliability of the Detroit is a major plus as there is really nothing to fail.
The thing is that I'm getting an axle to swap into my son's 91 that has an Aussie in it and I don't need any problems. The owner has wheeled it rather hard but my son won't be.

there shouldn't be any problems. so far so good and i haven't hear the aussie failed yet.
The Aussie is pretty strong, but the Detroit is in another league. The Detroit can handle the 50"+ tires or big tractor tires. Here in the redneck south, Detroit is the standard on vehicles with anything bigger than a 40". With a Detroit, you don't worry about it, you just start worrying about axles.
The only reason why I went with Detroit is that I know I will upgrade to 37's after my 35's are done with. I'm always looking to upgrad so why not just go with something that can handle the upgrade. Aussie would be my next choice for reliability and price for sure.

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