Wanted Frame weld on engine mount 2h hj60

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Nov 6, 2017
United States
Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum and i just bought a fj60 converted to 2h, but the engine mount that are welded to the frame are not from a hj60 and it is poorly made....
I would like to know if one of you have or can cut and sell engine mount (bracket welded to the frame) from a hj60 with a 2h engine.

I would need both side.

Please let me know if someone can have them!

And the price shipped to Canada Quebec


Have a nice day

I have the mounts available here in Mongolia. They are still on the frame but I can cut them off with the frame section. Only thing us shipping to canada could be on the expensive side. At least 50$ on my guess. Please let me know if you interested.
Ok good! I'll keep that in mind, ill let you know if I cant find it in America. If in good shape I won't mind paying over 50$ of shipping( I'm pretty sure it will be around 100$), this is the kind of cut I was thinking about, so I can clean the old weld by myself!
How much you want for them ? If they are in good condition ill buy it from you.
And please make sure they are from a hj60 2h engine :)
I will need to get to the frame this weekend to take a closer look to see the condition and get some pics for you. If they are in good condition I will cut them off. I will let you know the price after I make sure they in good usable condition. Btw, the frame came from a 1984 hj60 with 2h engine.

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