FJ 55 feeler

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Feb 21, 2008
Folsom, CA
I have the opprotunity to purchase a 1965 FJ55 with a 283 sb and power steering conversion. The front fenders are a little bashed up and the body has some minor surface rust but other than that it's in pretty good shape.
Oh, it's a southern California rig and he wants $500.00 for it.

Would this be a good investment? I'm thinking about a few things, first would be to buy and them sell for a little more, two would be to keep it so I could focus my time and energy on my 40 or three not buy it.

What do you all think?


I have the opprotunity to purchase a 1965 FJ55 with a 283 sb and power steering conversion.

1965 FJ55?

The were first made in 1968....


Purchase precious metals for investments.

Land Cruisers are not good investments.

If you think that you can make money on it, then pick it up and give it a shot.

Sounds like it is priced about right for the condition you are describing.
If you don't get it--post some info down in our 55 sty--we're always hungry for pork;)

For $500 I'd probably buy it. If you look on the 55 board you'll see that I "almost" bought a 69 that was local and just finished on ebay for $1025. If could have gotten that one for $500 I would have bought it even though I don't have the time for two pigs. The only drawback will be the main reason I didn't buy a second pig is project $$ x 2 rigs would be expensive. Actually that was one of the few times I have showed restraint when these opportunities come along. You may be able to flip it for a little quick cash on ebay, but remember it's not a 40 and they don't sell like 40's. If you are like me you would get it and want to "fix it up".
thank you all for your input. If I end up not getting it then I'll post up more info and some pictures, when I get them, and give you all fist dibs on it.


WARNING: If you get a Pig, and it's drivable, you won't drive your 40...ask me how I know.

Hey all,

Just wanted to update you all. The 55 is at my cousins house down south and he may already have it sold. If not then my pop and I are going to buy it for a project.

Thank you all for your help!!!


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