father and daughter 82 build

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Dec 14, 2011
Richmond, KY
Being a landcruiser junkie, I built a 96lx to drive for a while and told my oldest daughter(of 3) that she could have it when she turned sixteen if she would work for it. My middle daughter(9) over heard the conversation and spoke up and said i want to build a car. Having built several Landcruiser's a 40 would be the best choice for our project. I wanted a late model and wanted to restore it to as close to factory as possible. I found a really rusty 82, but it was untouched, never painted, all smog there and electrically it had never been hacked. The plans for the cruiser are as follows,
1. Make it as close to factory new as possible with the following exceptions, H55 and OME suspension.
2. it is yellow but i am going with the 6h9 green with factory white wagon wheel.
3. rebuild all mechanical parts engine, axials , trans/transfercase

I want to thank the vendors and mud members who have sold me pieces to date.

So far we have totally disassemble the car, bagging or boxing all parts, cleaned the cruiser and garage after 30 years of nastyness. Got the engine to the machine shop. Started removing the rusty spots. I will attach some images of the before and will update as the progress begins.

This week i plan on sandblasting, and installing new metal from real steel cruiser parts. Next week we hope to have the frame to powder coating, and start putting the chasy back together.
what a fantastic experience for your daughters :cheers:

I fondly remember the time spent in my grandfather's workshops - he had two, one for metal, one for wood :cool:
past projects

Attached are some images of past project that i new i would sell at some point, but since this is a father and daughter project it will be with us for a long time
more info on the rebuild

the carb and dizzy are at Jim C getting rebuild and recurved. The motor is being bored .002 over to clean up the walls of the cylinders, new camshaft(melling), lifters toyota, total head job. crank and crank bearing will be check. Since i live in KY, i plan on using only the smog parts per Jim C's diagram. New seats from shane, by the way he does beyond perfect restorations and is very helpful. Notice the new seats in the LX above. Josh at cruiser inovations had alot of parting on hand i had to replace. I have all new toyota parts for the axials on hand and new ujoints toyota. I plan on cleaning and refreshing the rest of the parts.

As this thread progressed please chime in if you notice anything that would make it better.
Hi All:

Cool thread! :beer:

More pics please! :D

thanks for sharing with us!!

bdyer12, awesome project! Just some food for thought. I don't know how long it's been since you've driven a 40, but I'd want to make damn sure that your daughter's driving skills/understanding of vehicle dynamics were up to the task especially regarding how crappy the brakes are compared to today's cars, the relative lack of grip (especially in the rain/snow and what that means on a vehicle with a short wheel base and high cg), lack of abs, lack of airbags, etc. And to have her put the fear of the Almighty in her friends who might also drive it. That said, what a wonderful experience this will be for you guys! Good luck with the build and have fun!

I agree 40's are a different than driving a modern vehicle, this 40 is just for the experience of her learning about cars, father and daughter time, and a keep sake. I will get her something safe for first car, she is nine so we have some time.
media blaster is coming today

I removed the rear floor plan while i was waiting for my metal to arrive and decided to have the media blaster come and clean to expose all the rust. i will post after pics this afternoon.
Wouldn't it be better to just replace it with a 3/4 tub?
Great project - enjoy the time with your daughter and let her do as much as possible with the truck. I vote to keep it Mustard, but I recently repainted an all-silver 1980 back to the OEM Mustard.
I look into that but since you can't get a pilgram anymore and you still have to work with a 3/4 once you get it, I decided to build my own. It is also about $3000 cheaper to do it that way.
finished blasting

the rot was not as bad as i had anticipated. I spent the evening removing the bracing and brackets from the old rear bed to install in the new bed coming. Below are some pics of the progress. I plan on spraying the parts in primer this weekend.
two question that need imput

1. should i go back with the mustard color or keep my plan of the 6h9 green?
2. What is the best way to clean all the brake,fuel,and ps lines?
Does '82 show the color code on the sticker? If so then I'd say definitely take it back to the original color - here's some inspiration (stolen from TEQ's thread) :D

This is awesome! I hope to be able to do something like this with my daughter some day. She's only 5 months old now so I don't think she would get into it much. I'm really digging this. It's a fun project AND a great way to get some family time. Subscribed!

Edit: I would also say x2 on keeping the original color.
You never know - if your build goes like mine did, your daughter might be old enough to drive when you're done. Started mine when my daughter was 12, just finished and she's almost 15. She wanted to know if she could drive it to school next year. Answer: "ummm, NO!"
Her driving experience consists of my Tahoe and my wife's Range Rover. My daughter and I took a highway ride in the Cruiser this week for the first time ever, and her impression was, "fun, but creepy without a roof".

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy every exhausting minute.

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