Custom reproduction soft top pics

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Aug 23, 2004
Carolina, RI
Badger Coachworks, well known to have the "Ferrari" of Rover soft tops, has had my FJ25 to use as a template to make reproduction FJ25/early FJ40 soft tops. The finest quality materials were used.



hay mike loop back the webbing into the buckle it looks better IMO

what did they say for price?

since you were #1 template construction and fitting is an extra much did they say for somebody that orders one?

Interior pics?

close ups?
That thing just says quality. With quality usually comes $$$$$. I am curious to see how much. Thanks for the pictures.:cheers:

I'm curious on the price as well...

Just the top, or do they do the bows as well?

I'm curious on the price as well...

Just the top, or do they do the bows as well?

Diddo, and color options?
On the last picture in the lower corner of the driver side rear...... I really hope that says Toyota, and not Land Rover...

Looks an awful lot like a Land Rover symbol...
Very astute observation, and they do make Rover tops. That's got to change or they won't get any business from mud..
I believe that's the Badger logo.

x2 badger logo in corner of top.

i dout they are making the bows....very unlikely...canvas only...and for early fj40 and 25 series cruiser top frames only.

the later style frames around doors are much different and would require new templates made....and a new truck for fitting
that looks pretty nice. :clap:
All I can say is call up Chris and ask him for pricing. I know they kept templates of mine. I basically paid the price for all of the other early Cruiser owners to benefit from ;)

It is a Badger logo on the back.

Jim and I have been SLOWLY working on doing reproduction early bows. Some day, they'll get done.

I have about 8 different color samples. This color matches faded OD green almost exactly.
When you say early you mean really early, that must be a 62 or earlier, does that pattern fit the FJ25 only??? Just curious, cheers, Larry
I have a badger on my Defender 90. It was expensive at about $1750, (remember rover prices though) but, by far, the best top made, bar none.
yes, early means 62 or earlier FJ25 or FJ40. Who knows, maybe someone with a newer than 62 FJ40 is willing to use their truck and take the time to have a pattern made also? Talk to Chris. He seems up to the challenge.

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