Capt'n and Mike

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Capt'n and Mike's HAMOM

Big thanks to the Fla Wild Boys for stopping by in Pumpkintown.
I recently installed a new 38DGAS Weber on Gundy only to find
the sputtering off idle continued. $$$ down the drain. Oh well
I have a perfectly good Weber spare now. :eek:
But, I digress.
The boys suggested we pop the cap off my distributor which
I haven't touched in YEARS.
Holy Crap! It was full of black dust. I guess 40K volt coil
does cause some deterioration in the rotor and cap contacts.
I pressured up the air tank and blew it all out. BAM!
Motor purrs like it's old self. I ordered a new cap and rotor
and for good measure some new plugs and wires.
You can't have enough spares. :grinpimp:
Thank youse guys for pointing out the obvious I overlooked.
Now if ya'll just lived here full time I could save some $$$.

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