Can this be pulled/hammered out?

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Jul 29, 2009
Huntington Beach, CA
Tboned by uninsured Chevy didn't walk away.

All pillars seem straight and both doors close tight.

Looking for advice on how to straighten out. I'm not a paint/body guy but I'm thinking about just disassembling the quarter panel and doors, hammering out and Bondo best I can.

Paint plan is Monstaliner.

Thanks in advance.




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The fender shouldn’t be too difficult since you can take it off and reach the back of it. I would just replace the doors with a good used set. It would be way less work with a much better result.
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Everything except the rear door has pretty significant creases along body lines...
Replace the fender and front door and potentially bang out the bottom of the
rear door.

Unless you're Monstalining the whole truck, just have a professional
match the current color and have them spray it.

Is the clearcoat in the same condition as the fender elsewhere?
(i.e. - toast/flaking off)

If Monstalining the whole thing, it would be a perfect time to do it
after replacing that damaged metal.

My 2 cents.

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