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Downey off-road used to make the me for the Tacoma e locker. Had swapped the elocker rear axle into a 1985 4runner. The cable was a pain to use.
LCE performance make a kit.

Trying to see how they are to use.
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Not for an 80 as far as I can see.
Look again 😉

I thought I heard somewhere they were an OEM option on some of the overseas Cruisers, maybe different series though
Yes 70 series
Here Another one for the rear

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Mine are OEM as they are under my 60. I’ve heard of this kit @Broski is talking about. I’ve never run the trail with the “E” setup, but zero complaints with the cable. I actually had new 5/8” cables made at California Push Pull. Just have T handles coming through the floor.
I have no issues with the E lockers other then You can’t engage the front locker first.
And there’s no good work around that I can find.
OEM cable locker setup doesn’t change that.
True, but in my case I did not use the OEM pull handles and brackets that mount to the underside. So my handles are independent of each other allowing me to select either one.
FWIW, 80 rear elockers have been retrofitted into a fair number of 40 and 60 series cruisers without the original wiring/ecu.

Here is info I used to wire up an elocker for use in my FJ62. 2 DPDT relays, a SPDT switch, a couple indicator lights and some wire.

I used the first diagram shown with 2 DPDT relays (normally closed terminals ignored) and instead of having separate locking and unlocking lights, I wired one "motor" light in parallel with the motor. I used a spare power antenna switch as a momentary SPDT switch to activate the locker.

I now have 2x elocker diffs in my FJ55 that operate independently with this wiring, using repurposed tailgate window switches to activate.
12 volt guy has a kit also> On my toyota truck i installed factroy lockers on both axles I can turn them on and off in any order I choose. I think the kit I first bought was from Inchworm ,who has long since retired.Low range bought them out and I believe they are now part of trail gear.

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