Bonnie '62 FST in WA

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Jan 23, 2017
Southwest Washington
@Ocho77 posted about this Craig ad list ad in my home state. I figuired it had gotten snapped up. The phone was never answered. Text responses, extremely slow.
Buyer would not take a deposit, they didn't like PayPal. Her Craigslist pics.


01212_hoV1lE1naeJ_0CI0t2_1200x900 (1).jpg
00H0H_3nsoHTqOpOL_0CI0t2_600x450 (1).jpg
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One text said if I wanted to pay cash, to come and get it. Then the sellers went dark. ~300 miles and half a day spent waiting in Pasco, I started home, pondering how the Cruiser gods were messing with me. Half way home the message came, could I come back tomorrow? No address or time given. I said yes, and made camp in the gorge.

Next morning, bright and early, it was back to Pasco. I visited some places I used to work (fisheries) back in the day. This is Hat Rock.

I hung out in Pasco contemplating what an idiot I was, and when I should just give up drive home, again. Then around noon they texted that at 4 PM they would be home and reveal their address.
Was it worth the trouble? Oh yeah. Here she is leaving the desert.

Meet Bonnie, actually in my driveway. It was not easy getting her here.

Joe's Tows in Pasco was great. Their motto: We don't want an arm and a leg, just your tows." A dad worthy pun.

The plan? Possibly my first frame off restoration. Thankfully I won't be begging for many of the usual parts, but I do need a motor. And I'm going to have lots of stupid questions.
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That’s great that you never gave up( hate sellers like that btw) love these early models and you have most of the hard to find bits still intact! Can’t wait to see it transformed!!
Thanks Brian. Is this what I think it is?

Think I'll need some lenses like this. Smaller than my '64.

And a pintle hitch, no unwelding required Arne.


Two reasons for calling her Bonnie.
She's a bonnie fine lass, and Bonnie and Clyde.

Lake Bondo on the roof.
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Nice hitch socket and pintle! Always amazes me the bits that survive on some of these trucks vs the ones that don't.

Fortune favors the persistent, you had to earn this one sounds like but the sellers' sketchiness probably scared off some other buyers so perhaps it worked in your favor.

Depending on what you decide to do with your wipers I've got a set of TNK's I'd trade for that Asahi wiper & arm. I will also probably eventually have a '69 engine block from the 28 if you need it but probably easier to just find a complete engine.
Any ideas if that’s the original paint? The ad mentioned seat upholstery but do you have the seat frames? This will be fun. Subscribed. :bounce:
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All questions will be answered if I maintain concentration. Making discoveries in that honeymoon phase, flurry of activity. Under a piece of mouse urine soaked carpet in the glove box, this:

So now I know, the original color was white. I need a '62 owners manual, if anyone knows of one.
Fast forward 26 years. It's 1987 and the truck is now owned by a J. L. Wheeler in Pasco. Don't know how it got there. They sell it to Mr. M for $350. He buys tabs and planned to finish the project "in 9 months". Here are those tabs for Washington's 1989 State Centenial. He never finishes, and 21 years later the wife says times up. Such impatience!

I only know a little Japanese, but now I know which fuses to use:
And how was the top attached? Securely. Welds, rivits and lotsa bondo.
@whitey45 the torch worked well to clear bondo so I could see what was PO and what was Mr. T.
Here is the windshield attachment. The channels are intact and should be salvageable.
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I have a plan now. My herd will eventually be this: Bonnie and Miss Kitty (only Missy Kitty is a '64 vs the '62 shown).

What does this little tab do?

In trying to date this vehicle, I see it's service booklet number is a bit earlier than the one in the picture posted by @nuclearlemon for Annie.

serv book.jpg
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original weld, door stop tab, awesome paperwork, I think I enjoy the discoveries and story more than the rigs!! I bought a 63 fj45 years ago and it had the metal fuse cover with the same piece of paper!
trailer socket. annie had one too. there's a little chain that runs from the door to the tab under your dash. it had a vinyl cover like the tailgate chains. i had my service booklet too. check out my "little orphan annie thread"...she was an original 62 softy also, so you may find useful info.
kinda cool. this should be a nice rig when you finish it.
That top probably kept the rust away, fst trucks are normally rotted out! Killer find, and really complete. I'm still looking for the tiny items for my 59 fj25.
@middlecalf, seat frames, and upholstery. The seller said he had them reupholstered, and I think that person used the original stuffing.

The gas tank, and the small cover locking gas cap.

No key, the inhumanity of it all!
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Those seats are awesome. Jealous of the originality! I’ve a bunch of questions on their stuffings and substructure after you get down the road a bit with your fun discovery. Lots of original stuff!
@middlecalf, seat frames, and upholstery. The seller said a he had them reupholstered, and I think that person used the original stuffing.

The gas tank, and the small cover locking gas cap.

No key, the inhumanity of it all!

you'll be happier with the original seat padding vs newer foam crap.

as for the mia key...easy enough for a locksmith to duplicate. had to do the same with annie
What a great buy. They are still out there!

x2 on the blessing that weird top probably was for the floor... everything looks really solid so far. Seems like you’ve got most of the hard parts, the stuff you need shouldn’t be too difficult to find (knock on wood)
So how do you find a really nice period correct motor? How late can you go before you lose the early look?

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