BJ40 Parts Availability

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Mar 16, 2021
Playa del Coco, Costa Rica
Is anyone aware of a source that specializes in BJ parts in Costa Rica and or the US? I have a BJ40 in Costa Rica and unlike the US where we have many companies providing new and used parts for gasoline powered cars, I have been unable to find a similar source in Costa Rica. I have purchased many small interchangeable parts (FJ40 to BJ40) from US suppliers and shipped them to CR but have yet to find a US company that has diesel components or is that knowledgeable about BJ's.
Its not US based but Engines Australia has some diesel parts but can be hit or miss depending on what your looking for.
Just order overseas. Amayama, Partsouq etc.
I use partsouq for my diesel LJ77. Also good for the 55 and the 40.

Steve @ EBI Cruisers is very knowledgeable about diesel cruisers. He’s here in Canada, but that’s where I’d go.

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