Alignment isssue - slight dog tracking - is my rear axle bent?

Jun 23, 2017
Austin, TX
Hey ya'll I've been chasing an alignment issue as I've been baselining my 2001 hundy with 235k miles for several months now. She pulls slightly to the right, but VERY consistently. I drive a lot of hwy miles and it drives me crazy always having to correct the steering.

Most recent alignment (spec sheet posted) has the DS rear toe at -0.24 and PS rear toe at 0.16. She has a thrust angle is -.20.

Variables we can eliminate: I've r&r'd pretty much every suspension components with new OEM stock - both sides front UCA and LCA, both sides rear UCA an LCA, panhard, tie rod ends, whiteline steering rack bushings, new OEM shocks on all 4 wheels, and new BFG 275/70/R16s. Also swapped sides on the tires to rule out potential tire issues.

The pull has been the same, more or less, before AND after each new component r&r.

I'm starting to suspect that she has a slightly bent rear axle or axle housing - those ain't cheap to replace :( Any other variables I might be missing here?


Jan 6, 2012
Rear axle readings are not causing a pull. The toe in the rear are just because of how the trailing arms are tightened. Leave it alone. Road crown is causing your pull most likely. You could compensate by adjusting right front camber to -.50 A little pull due to road crown is ok. If u fall asleep at the wheel, u wanna drift to the shoulder, not into oncoming traffic. I told this to my shop foreman, he looked at me doubtfully and said that rarely happens and shouldn't be a consideration. But in reality I've had people who's vehicles I aligned fall sleep at the wheel.


Nov 8, 2015
I wasn't aware you could effectively adjust anything with the rear axle alignment with out adding adjustable links, and adj. track bar.

Have you measured the rear axle orientation side to side to make sure wheels are equal distance from the frame rails on both sides? If you've lifted your rear this will have a tendancy to pull to one side with out and adj. track bar.
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