1996 450 getting very Hot

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Apr 12, 2012
addition of photosHi everyone, I was looking for some opinions on what could be wrong with my 80. It's a 1996 LX450 with 118k and as of a couple of weeks ago is running hot. I live in NYC and while on the Deegan Expressway getting past Yankee stadium the truck temperature began rising...Never has done this before. Got into the red but thankfully got pass the bridge traffic and when it opened up the need went back to normal. Now it is doing it in traffic. I changed the oil, oil filter, coolant and put a new thermostat in. Still doing it. The A/C has worked since June 2012. Recharged in myself that Summer and it didn't last. Just had it recharged again and it doesn't seem to be working. The mechanic asked what are the people on the forums thinking? I hope it's not the head gasket...I mean, their is no smoke. The engine is smooth and the tranny is shifting as usual. Could you guys help me out by diagnosing it. Any good Land Cruiser mechanics that you would recommend in the NYC area?
Would really appreciate your thoughts.





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Could be the fan clutch, a relatively easy fix. Search the forums - there has been much written here about it.
replaced that last summer.
That doesn't necessarily mean it is any good. Does the fan roar when you start the truck cold, then fade away after five or ten seconds?

Does it draw a LOT of air through the radiator when it is hot ?

If you don't have airflow, you won't get proper cooling. Check this first.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
At running temp. check to see if there is any "cool" spots on the radiator. No where near overheating, but half mine was plugged.
Can I drive it this weekend? Would like to take it out and do something.
Can I drive it this weekend? Would like to take it out and do something.
Short answer - no. If it overheated as badly as you described you need to fix it before driving it any distance. Why risk burning up your engine?

BTW the red zone of your temp gauge is seriously hot, and your engine temp needle should never get in there.

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
Snap a picture of the fan clutch and post it up here. It sounds like a bad fan clutch to me.
Fan clutch and/or clogged rad would be on the main hit list here. OEM clutch, Tstat, and cap are the way to go.
thanks guys. It is a uptown right now, so I will take and upload some photos tomorrow.
You mentioned on the expressway, High speed over heating is a sign of a bad radiator.
yes, but in traffic. Once it starts moving the needle returns back to normal.
You need a new mechanic if he can't figure out an overheating problem and asks you to go to the internet for ideas.

A cold morning first start will cause the fan clutch to ROAR if it is working properly. It is most obvious when it stops roaring 15-20 seconds into it's high idle cycle. The sound change of the fan slowing down will not be mistaken as something else. Because you said it "kinda" roars ........

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