1. Kanda

    FJ60 Weber Carburetor Idle Issue

    I purcahased a 1984 FJ60 with a Weber carb - 38 DGAS/ES. I have had endless issues trying to get it to idle. Carb was stripped, cleaned and reinstalled. Tested for vacuum leaks. Got it idling great when engine was cool to warm. But as soon as it ran hot it would stall. RPM would vary...
  2. Roger Martiinez

    Your Opinion: Top 5 Upgrades for FJ60?

    I think all of us agree that the FJ60 is an incredible vehicle. I learned to drive in our FJ60 in La Paz, Bolivia, during the 1980s when my father was aerial mapping coca drug labs for DOD. It saved my ass when I rear-ended a Bolivian Cholo Bus (like the one below) -- I hit it hard and the...
  3. TapRackNGo

    For Sale  Weber Carburetor Conversion kit 32/36 FJ40

    ***SOLD***This Weber 32/36 DGAV carburetor conversion kit came off my personal 1978 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser. It ran great, but could probably use a gasket change as some fuel residue can be seen on outside of carburetor. The water choke was converted to electronic choke by previous owner. It...
  4. mrjordann

    Wanted  WTB FJ40 Throttle Cable

    Mine suddenly broke, and they're expensive online. Anybody have an extra throttle cable for any reason? Thanks! (Weber carb)
  5. ivandiaz

    Weber or stock carb on 3F engine

    I have been using the Weber 38 DGMS on my FJ80 3F engine and works just fine. I live in Bogota, Colombia, meaning +5K feet above sea level, but I have been wondering if the carburator really makes a significant difference on my rig considering it has headers. Also carries 35¨ tires and stock...
  6. ToyotaMatt


    Hi , -I have a Clean low miles Weber 32 36 DGV made in Spain red-line air horn for late model 2F USA special air cleaner man a fre adapters base - this is a upgraded manual choke model requires OEM choke cable - other info #27 # #26 stamped on side barrels ? - I donr know much about...
  7. FJake60

    For Sale  Weber 32/36mm DGEV Carburetor - Burlington, WA, USA

    **SOLD** $200 Brand new, never been used, 32/36mm progressive Weber carburetor with electric choke. All parts are in their original packaging, except for the box. Came with purchase of 1987 FJ60, but will be too small for it. Some quick research tells me these should work great on any of the...
  8. davegonz

    SOLD  Weber 2F Carburetor Kit

    Brand new. Was on my project truck, but never fired up. It's a kit with the pedal, air filter adapter, cables. Asking $350. I'll be at Round Up next week and can take it with me. Weber Carburetor Conversion Kits for F/2F Land Cruiser - Man-A-Fre
  9. Crowbahr

    Broken down in Pocatello: Weber/Stock Throttle linkage issues

    I'm 200 miles from home, hauling a trailer and havin a great time when suddenly while pressing the gas the pedal locks out at the floor and won't budge. Strange thing is that instead of going full blast the carb is sitting at about 1400RPM worth of fuel flow. I pull off in a little town called...
  10. CriderFj40

    What type of Weber carburetor is this?

    I have a 1977 Fj40 and i am having a small problem at idle.What carb is this? I took the carb off to try and clean it. Any tips on what to take apart and what to clean ect.....
  11. bluesixty

    For Sale  Turnkey 2f w/ MAF Performance Pack and 4speed Tranny

    Hey guys, new to the forum here, but I've been a lurker for years. Looking to put an aluminum block 5.3 in my 60 with a 4L60E and am therefore selling off my 2f motor and 4 speed transmission. Long block was bought used from Cruiser Parts last summer (15) It had ~120k miles on it and good...
  12. JeremyM

    For Sale  Weber 38 DGAS Carb

    Have a carb for sale - came off my 68 FJ40. Went to TBI and this has been sitting in the garage since. Its a Weber 38DGAS - comes as pictured for a FJ40 2F application. No air filter. Worked ok when pulled - just wasn't happy with the off camber performance. Comes as-pictured, as-is. Local...
  13. N

    Carb questions...

    I have a stock, smogged CA 1980 FJ40 that has been giving off a raw fuel smell. My mechanic has suggested that I convert to a Weber. He doesn't really have the time or interest in rebuilding the carb it seems. He said I could look for other options and for the best price on a Weber set up...
  14. JohnnyC

    Weber Air Cleaner Assemblies

    post up the ones you find and the ones that might work on a cruiser. mine is an old school K&N that i converted to stud/nut instead of clips
  15. jetmutant

    Troubleshooting .. perhaps this may help some one

    Hey all, Long time lurker here mostly .. Anyhow I have a 78 FJ40 that I am slowly resto modding, it has a stock 2F with header, Weber 32/36 carb and an HEI ignition. Runs pretty good ... now but i did go through an extended period of hair pulling recently. The issue was that it would run...
  16. Yellow Jacket

    How to prime a Weber?

    PO put a Weber 38 on my 40. I plan to go back to OEM and I'm slowing collecting the parts. Until then I have this question: How can I prime the carb or get fuel in the fuel bowl after the truck has been sitting for a while? Apparently Webers are bad about the fuel in the bowl evaporating in...
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