1. andrewdanapoole

    For Sale  FJ43 Full Interior in Brown vinyl (front/rear seats and door cards)

    Hi, I pulled out this brand new interior from my newly restored '82 FJ43. Included are: • 2 Front seats in dark brown vinyl (brackets and sliders included) • 2 Rear jump seats in dark brown with undersides and supports painted dark grey • 2 Door Cards (driver and passenger side) in dark brown...
  2. Roger Martiinez

    Seat Fabric and Vinyl: How many yards of material needed?

    Long time listener, first-time caller. Does anyone have a good idea of how much seat fabric and vinyl is needed to reupholster both front seats, the rear bench seat, and possibly the side door panels? Does 10% extra coverage make good sense for complete coverage? First, I know what you are...
  3. TXBruiser

    Full Hood Black Vinyl

    I see in the vendor section black hood vinyl that covers the center hump, but does anyone supply square sheets that can span the whole hood? Massive glare from my lightbar is getting annoying and looking for a DIY kit. Also, looks like 3M-1080-M12 in Matte Black is the preferred 3M vinyl for...
  4. D

    Wanted  Gray Carpet / wheel well vinyl

    fj62: Looking for carpet in good condition for the rear cargo area , the entire vechile and the vinyl wheel well covers.
  5. S

    Vinyl stripe source?

    Looking for somewhere to buy the original size and configuration for my 01. Mine are faded and wearing off. Anyone have a place to buy them?

    who puts carpet in a 4x4? AKA a guide for installing vinyl flooring.

    there's a bit more to replacing the floor coverings in these old trucks than one might think... After 30 years of mountain living and all the mud that gets tracked in with it; and after 5-10 years of a slowly dripping rain gutter or bad windshield gasket, our carpet began to sprout. Having...
  7. FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    Comes also with driver's seat, in equally excellent condition
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