1. sunrk

    4wd and ute electric vehicles for Australia

    Ute = pick-up in the USA btw. Better clear that up. 8-) I'm not a fan of EV's generally but I'm watching very closely what's happening with the Tesla Cybertruck (a toy EV not intended for real world use) vs the Rivian R1T and R1S (real EV's that are being developed for real world use). Because...
  2. 1derer

    SOLD  San Jose CA, 1988 HJ75 Camper

    Asking $29,500 California Titled, registered Motorhome, Plated and VIN replaced by CHP Pictures: HJ75 For Sale Youtube walk around from Adventure Van Expo: 1988 Toyota HJ75 UTE - Right Hand Drive : Country of Origin: Australia Miles: 72,000KM - 45,000 miles Engine: 2H Diesel (mpg: HWY/...
  3. shansen

    Builds  BJ75 Pickup

    Third Landcruiser, I've been looking for a pickup for about a year now. This one popped up on an auction and and about a week later, arrived in my driveway. It's been a couple months now of work getting everything up to where I'm comfortable driving it long distances, still a few things to go...
  4. Paraglider

    SOLD  1981 HJ47 Ute customizable for utility truck or recreation adventures

    If you're looking for a reliable, young in spirit, traveling buddy (rig) that you can customize for any kind of camping and recreation, this might be your thing. Or, if you want to use it more as it is and make it into a utility truck (plumbing, electrical, welding, etc.), that would be easy...
  5. koxfarm

    Pete’s cadet blue cab chassis HJ47

    This is to record the fine overhaul of Peter’s Australian issue HJ47 cab chassis, ute. It had been modified by previous owner, fitted with auxiliary tank and non specific double battery and some crazy mess of wiring. The body is 90% rust free with a few rust spots to be managed. We are going to...
  6. Paraglider

    For Sale  FJ45 or HJ47 ute/pick-up roof rubber/weather stripping

    Have a brand new roof rubber/weather strip for a FJ45 or HJ47 ute/pick-up for sale: Part #63313-90303. Bought it w/o reading the label (oh well), apparently, that it was not for a troopy so can't use it. It was purchased from AllFourx4 Spares in Australia but I'm in the U.S. Cost from $200...
  7. 60toyetero

    For Sale  1990 HZJ75 UTE Bend, OR

    I was planning on building this land cruiser UTE but plans have changed. It has 140k miles which is pretty low for the 1HZ. It does have AC and dual fuel tanks, drives great. Chassis and all around looks solid with no rust. send me a PM if interested in more information. SOLD
  8. FireMonkey

    For Sale  1975 FJ45 $40,000 OBO

    1975 FJ45 Toyota Land Cruiser California Title in hand. Original motor with 57350 miles. Rebuilt 2F gas engine Right-hand drive Fully restored with new interior, new paint, new bed, new wheels and tires. Fun driver, ready to win car shows. Run and drives great. $40k OBO Serious callers only.
  9. ThatDude

    Anyone know what this flap is on HJ47?

    Does anyone know what this flap/hole is? On my HJ47 ute I hear it flapping open and closed sometimes. I can reach up under the dash and into the hole, there's a metal door/flap inside it.. Trying to eliminate heat coming into the passenger-side footwell and wondering if it has anything to do...
  10. 80seriespoptop

    Isuzu UTE diesel

  11. AUStoUSA

    eBay  1975 FJ45 Extend cab ute OR/WA

    1975 FJ45 Landcruiser RHD Ute that has been converted to an extend/extra cab. Full description on ebay: Toyota : Land Cruiser Crew Cab Pickup This is near the OR/WA border in Kelso, WA. Can be shipped anywhere of course. More pictures here: 1975 Toyota FJ45 Ute Thing AU150375 by...
  12. Shagger1

    So I brought a FJ45..Without the misses permission..

    I have always wanted one, and everyone seems to have good stories of growing up doing some crazy missions in these old girls-so I wanted one to enjoy too! The ute will be useful, and slowly building it up will be a learning process, and my form of "therapy".
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