Builds The Return of Bacon Bits, the bastard pig

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Jan 28, 2013
Some of you might remember a build thread that @bugsnbikes started back in 2014 which captured my attention with Plasma cutter and some duct tape.
Link -> How it all started
I was always a fan of the 55 series. Not really sure why, was it the obnoxious bug eyed front end with the box like cabin? Don't know for sure but I would find myself in the classified section looking for one to make my own. After all, it started the break away from the 40 series platform into a Wagon. Other than finding a 55 that wasn't rusted and falling apart I was still left with the underpowered and ancient drivetrain. Another issue was offroad capabilities. The 55 chassis and suspension definitely has its limitations when comparing to our 80's. So what I really wanted was just the body of a 55 but all of what I was accustomed to in an 80. So when this thread came along with the first post being an 80 sliced in half I was like whoa. I was amazed by how he simply just went to town and cut up an 80 and started to just fit panels of a 55 and eventually build a really one of a kind rig. He then took it a step further when we got to the rear half with that bed design. If you read the original thread you will see how he simply built as he went along. Members chimed in with different ideas on which way to go and with a lot of time, effort and some duct tape, he ended up with something truly amazing. Over the years I messaged him about the possibility of purchasing his bits of bacon but I understood when you create something it definitely will not be easy to let go. Many years passed and I had contacted him again to touch base and see if it would be possible and kind of patiently waited. He agreed and made the arrangements to get her down to me. I have to say that he is a stand up dude and I appreciate every plasma cut and duct tape you put into her. I assured him I would continue the build and post here to hopefully get some advise as he did from members for this build.
My plans for this build is to have a well rounded and thought out rig I can take camping, crawling, shooting, etc.
Hoping to tackle the following in the near future, of course budget and time might think otherwise. In no specific order I would like to do the following;
Overall Maintenance, Complete Suspension/Lift, Diff Gears, Low Range Gears, E-Lockers, 37" wheel/tire combo, Complete Interior, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Stereo, Tail Light Wiring, Sliders, Under Armor Protection, Under-bed Storage, and the list goes on and on. I'm already overwhelmed but excited to start.
Here's a pic of the day it was dropped off last month in the middle of June. Sizzling Bacon indeed.



Putting this list here in no specific order so I can refer back as I complete them.

  1. Finish welding the cabin sheet metal and sealing it all up
  2. Reinforce roof with tubing
  3. Replace Overdrive button on shifter
  4. ARB Twin Compressor w/manifold for air up
  5. ARB Front and Rear Lockers
  6. 4.88 Regear
  7. Diff Breather extensions
  8. Center Diff Lock Button
  9. Front and Rear Diff Protection
  10. Transmission / Transfer Case Protection
  11. LED Headlights
  12. LED Reverse lights
  13. Wiper harness connection to factory switch
  14. Soundproofing interior
  15. 60 series dash swap
  16. AUX Long Range Fuel Tank
  17. Front / Rear Recovery Points for shackles
  18. Rear Bed Spare Tire Mount
  19. Sound Bar
  20. Interior Lights
  21. Lockable under bed storage compartment
  22. Roof Top Tent Mounting locations
  23. 2nd Battery
  24. Front / Rear Anti-Rock Sway Bars
  25. Reinstall A/C system
  26. New Heated seats
  27. Carpet and floor mats
  28. Lockable center arm rest with cup holders
  29. Have fun while breaking the bank!
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Nice to see it stayed in the Mud collective rather than sold to Moe Ron / never heard of again.

Good times!
This is gonna be fun ! cant wait to see the Bacon sizzle. I originally built it to be a shop truck/ daily but with potential for better things. As it sits on 35's and no lift- 21" shorter than an 80....and 1000lbs less......and plans for 37s and lift.....its in good hands/looking forward to seeing the piggie evolve.
Dump the resonator.
Oh yeah, exhaust will be reworked and I scored something locally for an unbelievable $650 last week that will be dropping under there.

pretty darn cool for sure. i like the idea of fresh springs and shocks but stay 35s, again thats me getting older. lol lol
Cool. Always thought this was rad too.

I guess I don’t remember the windshield part of his build.
Started with a degrease and power wash to clean off years of 1fz-fe sweat.
Also replaced the starter since I was getting a few clicks to start before turning over.





Figured out a way to make the rear tail lights functional since my plan is to keep the rig looking funky with the 70's vibes.
Used a RV / Trailer style universal LED brake light housing and tore it apart. Grinded to fit the 55 tail light covers and now I have Brake, Parking, and Signal Lights.
Planning on some under mounted LEDs for reverse. Cleaned up the wiring harness and ran it into the rear tail gate.





Had to add the plasma cutter and duct tape to keep with the build origin story




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Cool. Always thought this was rad too.

I guess I don’t remember the windshield part of his build.
I believe it was a widened 40 windshield frame and maybe @bugsnbikes can chime in and answer if it was just custom glass or??
Made some mounts on the hood to retain factory 80 hood support lifts. Rattle canned over the racing strip for a solid white hood. I think it looks much cleaner without it. Also threw on some 16.5x10 steelies that had 37's mounted on them to test fit how much room I was working with. Fit great with zero rubbing on road. Offset and width was a little too aggressive but looked beefy. The JK has a 4" lift with 37s just for reference.


are you by van nyes

just looks like it but i have only been down that once or twice.

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