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  1. G

    SOLD  Trailer Hitch for 99 LX470 - COLORADO

    Hi Mud, I'm looking for a trailer hitch for my 99 LX470 that is located somewhere in Colorado! Let me know if you've recently armored up and are looking to dump you old hitch! I want it! Thanks :)
  2. C

    New Member - 2005 LX470

    First post from a long time lurker. Picked up a 2005 LX470 after 6 months of searching. Set up Autotrader text alerts and was able to purchase this Truck within 12hrs of it going online (after a 4hr pre-dawn drive to Bakersfield). Truck has 73k miles, single owner (doctors wife), garage kept...
  3. D

    Wanted  UZJ100 100 Series OEM trailer tow Hitch in Nor Cal local pick up

    Hi all, Looking for a oem or stock tow/trailer hitch for my 1999 Landcruiser. If you have one available in Bay Area please let me know. Thanks! Don
  4. P

    Wanted  80 series trailer hitch plus wiring

    I have a 95' looking for a class 3 receiver to tow a pop - up camper (2,000 lbs). I'm located in Delaware 19720, but am willing to pick up if in the tri - state area. Thank you!
  5. P

    What type of Trailer hitch / Wiring kit for 1995 LC?

    Hello all, I am planning a couple of trips this summer. I will be trailing a 2k lb pop - up about 50 miles each trip. Does anyone have suggestions as to what brand of hitch and wiring harness that is the easiest to install and not too expensive? I would like to get a class III something like...

    Curt Trailer Hitch

    I just installed a Curt 13089. Seems pretty nice. I took some pictures of the clearance. It sticks out about 5" from the bumper. It has about 2.25" clearance from the spare tire. Tire is a 265/75 R16. I did have some issues with fitment. The spacers they give you are a little too long and...
  7. 4

    For Sale  Fj60 trailer hitch

    bought it off a fellow member. He pulled it off the truck for me. Thing weighs a ton, doubt shipping is a viable option. Best offer. I live in New Jersey. Drive to NYC often.
  8. Wadesters

    For Sale  (GA) FJ Cruiser Reese 5000 pound trailer hitch

    Reese 5000 pound trailer hitch installed on a 2009 FJ Cruiser. Installed but never used. $125 OBO(I will ship but heavy weighs 40 pounds) Located just off I-85 south at exit 51 (Newnan, GA) This is a friend of mines I have been helping with selling it. I am storing it and want it gone.
  9. vapilotda

    For Sale  80 series factory trailer hitch

    It's a little rusty on the sides but nothing a wire wheel and a rattle can can't take care of. $40 plus shipping. It's located in Richmond, VA for local pickup.
  10. Astralcat

    Wanted  Wanted: LX-450 Grill Guard Bumper, Trailer Hitch, Left Running Board

    97' LX450. Maui. I pay shipping. Let me know if you have parts to sell. Mahalo.
  11. S

    Any pointers to fix stock 4-pin trailer hitch wiring?

    My stock trailer hitch 4-pin wiring isn't breathing any life. Per some of the old posts on mud the fuse of the trailer hitch is connected to the rear tail lamp assembly - the fuses are fine and all the rear taillights work wtihout any problems. Appreciate any pointers on how I can get the...
  12. Spiva

    For Sale  FJ62 Hitch mounted 2 fuel can carrier - NorCal

    $150 obo I have a 2 fuel can carrier that attaches to a 2" hitch, and bolts to the lower side of the stock FJ62 bumper. (Sorry, I don't know if the 60 has the same size bumper.) Super easy to install, assuming you can remove your lower bumper bolts. The 2 can holder swings out to allow the...
  13. Shebamacalla

    For Sale  Fj60 class 4 hitch

    just installed a 4x4 labs bumper so am selling my hitch. I bought it off mud a few years back and was told it's a heavy duty class 4. It definitely appears that way. I had it needle scaled and painted and it's in great shape. Hard to find these hitches anymore and this one can handle more...
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