1. offroadvegan

    THANK YOU Mudders - The LS Swap is Done!

    Thanks to everyone that talked me off the ledge about 3 weeks ago, and kept me from selling my 80. If you remember, I got screwed by a local shop and the project was waaay over due and I was running out of options. I had offers from y'all from Florida, to Texas to send my rig down and get it...
  2. starclassic

    Help! I'm out of state and need inspection near Murfreesboro TN!

    I'm out of state and looking at an 03 Lexus LX470 in Murfreesboro. Some knowledgeable eyeballs would be awesome, just thought I'd see if anyone here on the forum lives close to 37130! If nobody's near there, does anyone have recommendations about a certified inspection service I could use? I...
  3. M

    Builds Merlin2111 - Build Thread

    I just bought a 2004 GX with 92k miles. It is not the color that I wanted but with the service record this truck has I could not pass it up. I am even flying a 1000 miles to go get it and bring it back! I am coming from a Subaru BRZ so this is going to be a very big change for me. According to...
  4. SkyMall

    Builds The Big Beast - My 1994 TLC Build Thread

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my story! I've been fascinated by the 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser since my neighbor got a shiny new one back in 1995. (It was a soccer mom grocery getter and I suspect it never saw a dirt road.. Haha!) Over the years I have occasionally looked for a nice used...
  5. FJacob

    Wanted FJ80 AL-TN

    Looking for something with less than 200,000 miles and as stock as possible. Located in Northern Alabama but can drive anywhere within a few hours. Ideally in the 7k price range.
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